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Welcome To The Family. by Ghoulia666
Welcome To The Family.by Ghoulia666
This is my version of the tv show Haven. It's from the point of view of another FBI Agent named Harlow Anderson, who was sent to Haven to help Audrey Parker by the same...
Wuornos Troubled by jet1227
Wuornos Troubledby Jenna Thomas
Haven fanfiction Ally Wuornos discovers she is troubled like most haven citizens. Duke finds out how would he react? why does it matter? find out
Haven by Grimm_2426
Havenby Natasha Gedling
What if Audrey wasn't the only one from the barn. Meet Amanda, Audrey's older sister and the person who help William create the troubles. While Audrey loses her memorie...
Haven quotes and gif series  by abbysutton234
Haven quotes and gif series by Abigail Sutton
It's about haven the show and there's gonna be quotes and some gifs
The Barricades of Rain by thebravelittletoast
The Barricades of Rainby TOAST
Rachel Tratum was stuck in a small town for three days on the road trying to find gas. A man picks her up and a storm, rain and affection start to bloom.
Haven-the show must go on.  by hopeszi
Haven-the show must go on. by hopeszi
This story takes place after the series finale, Forever (5x26). Paige Bensley just arrived in Haven. Much to Nathan's surprise, he realizes soon after she gets here, Aud...
In love with a Troubled. by sheepishlyme
In love with a Troubled.by -•-••-•-••-•••-••
'Oh....That's gotta hurt...' I thought to myself as I looked at the dark skinned girl that had just became the victim of a bloody nose She let out a huff, getting off th...
Timeless (A Haven Fanfiction by RiverPond
Timeless (A Haven Fanfictionby RiverPond
"As I sat in the bathtub, I thought of what was happening. That is when I really appreciated the crazy I am in. I am here because I time traveled to the future from...
He Won't Remember by pun-damental
He Won't Rememberby CJ
High Schooler Duke Crocker wakes in a bed that isn't his. After recalling hazy memories of the drunken night before, he is shocked to see Nathan Wuornos is lying in bed...
Multi-Fandom One Shots  by angelofmusic36
Multi-Fandom One Shots by angelofmusic36
Just a collection of things that pop into my head. NOT OPEN for requests.
THE COLORADO KID! ° HAVEN [1] by nelisalinda
THE COLORADO KID! ° HAVEN [1]by mortlvr
this is the way the world ends, not ends with a bang but a whimper