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The Internship (Robert Downey Jr. Fanfic) by AdrienneSummers
The Internship (Robert Downey AdrienneSummers
Lexi Adams is a 24 year old law student at Columbia. Due to her outstanding grades, she gets an internship with a major law firm. What happens when everything she would...
Professor (Rdj Fanfic) by rdjsducks
Professor (Rdj Fanfic)by rdjsducks
[COMPLETED] [FLUFF- No sexual content] Graduating girl, Isabelle falls for an older man who just happens to be her science teacher. Does he feel the same? Will her singl...
Duckling (Dream smp Au) by _Just_Sparrow_
Duckling (Dream smp Au)by Sparrow
Why is Dream the way he is? What drove him to become so merciless? Are we certain he lost all of his attachments? This story follows Dream's past after his mother, Capta...
Ugly Duckling (ManXMan) by hersheychoco
Ugly Duckling (ManXMan)by hersheychoco
12 Brothers. A Father. And a dead mother. What's needed to say when the entire family hates you because your hair's Orange?
the ugly swan by Enterintomymind
the ugly swanby Tallara
"What if the ugly duckling turned into a ugly swan?" "Maybe she was never ugly to begin with." ✿-✿-✿-✿-✿ ...
Life at Your Feet (Sequel to The Player) by JustAlilfan
Life at Your Feet (Sequel to The Carly
The great, smooth, humble life you take with your perfect beautiful girlfriend is suddenly invaded by fame, money, new many people and fancy events. How can you deal wit...
Let's stay together { quackbur }  by xalisofflien
Let's stay together { quackbur } by xalisofflien
Just quackbur Guys this was just a joke at first and now it has 300+ readers and I'm so grateful so thank you Started 5/4 2022 Finished 24/4 2022
DuckTales: No Bills Matter by Sergeant_History
DuckTales: No Bills Matterby History's Sergeant
No Bills Matter, the story of how Webby was truly made, how the McDuck clan's secrets were getting out of hand, Who was The Father of the Triplets, And how FOWL has retu...
Collision of the Moon and Sea by NeomaShi
Collision of the Moon and Seaby NeomaShi
Heids promised to himself, that he wouldn't let his feet step again on their vampire's clan. The clan who can make him remember the every tiny memory he had with his dec...
Ugly Duckling by Star-Keys
Ugly Ducklingby {Lucy}
"Why do you always hide your face?" He asked her, looking into her eyes. "Your so pretty..." "When people see how I really's just not o...
Her Attitude by justineluzerum
Her Attitudeby Justine Luz Erum
This story is all about an obsessed duckling, fan of Robert Downey Jr., Jaiiny Jane Erum. This is just a fanfic so this story isn't based on true story. RDJ here is sing...
All by chance (A Robert Downey Jr story) by rdjforeva
All by chance (A Robert Downey NicoleBeraud
It was just supposed to be another ordinary day for college freshman Nicole Beraud as she was drinking her usual Starbucks. But when an accidental collision with a man (...
Getting Engaged max Or Harvey  by millsbrothers
Getting Engaged max Or Harvey by millsbrothers
Max and harvey ask you and your best friend to marry them
You're Disgusting   ↛  miraculous au by rosehasred222
You're Disgusting ↛ rosehasred222
Marinette with her hair down edit was made by: @TheLadyblog (in their Miraculous Hairdressers book) please check them out! ►🅤🅖🅛🅨 ◄ Marinette was called this horrible...
A Caravan Of Quacking Doom by MagdaFromHell
A Caravan Of Quacking Doomby MagdaFromHell
Clary never believed that anatidaephobia was a real thing until some ducks appeared in the wrong place. I got the idea after watching a cute video from The Dodo on Twit...
The Aesthetic Geek by capreediemm
The Aesthetic Geekby K.
LOGAN SIBLINGS #1: I'm Driss Chandrylle Logan, A big fat, ugly, brown, and a nerd girl who fell in love with the schools heartthrob. I assumed that everything was perfe...
Poets Duets by Warrior_Prophet
Poets Duetsby PJ Perry-Roberts
A collection of poetry duets. I get verses 1-3-5 and my partner gets verses 2 & 4. My partner chooses the poetic topic and title and this collection is the result. Verse...
Short Story by CryingClassicalMusic
Short Storyby Max
Fires leave scars.
The ducking well by joshualongden456
The ducking wellby joshualongden456
This story is about josh and his friends who discover there is something wrong about the village they are living in and they start to get worried as they can't tell what...