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[OG] Champion of Ravenclaw: Inheritance by _Sleepy-Sheepy_
[OG] Champion of Ravenclaw: Inheri...by Miel Courderoy
From the images of a stern faced woman he'd seen in non magical paintings, first year Harry Potter, didn't expect Rowena Ravenclaw to be such a gentle woman. When Harry...
A man who transformed to woman on Full moon and new moon day. What are the consequences he faced in his and her life? This story was a collection of comedy, romance, te...
Honkai Impact 3rd: the Giant of Duality by Kuuga13Henshin
Honkai Impact 3rd: the Giant of Du...by ChouAvatar
Ultraman OC x Honkai Impact 3rd When one Ultraman fan suddenly gets strange dreams of an Ultraman he's never seen before, he suddenly gets transported into... quite an a...
The Dual Bender by LoveBhabie
The Dual Benderby Yuppers
"Tonight we celebrate my daughters 16th birthday, Princess Yue! And also the arrival of the Avatar! May he find his Chei and save the world! We also have a new Wate...
[Redo] Champion of Ravenclaw: Inheritance. by _Sleepy-Sheepy_
[Redo] Champion of Ravenclaw: Inhe...by Miel Courderoy
When he imagined the witch who created the house of wisdom, Harry Potter did not picture the raven haired beauty with a gentle smile and kind eyes. No he imagined someth...
Innocentkoji by lifeisbest7
Innocentkojiby Mehhh
his mother died giving birth to him with a smile on her face he inherited said smile , beautiful and sweet. in the white room he was average in abilities but what was...
Gonec - Spades War by Atul50
Gonec - Spades Warby Atul Raghav
Gonec mystery is back with this spades war edition to unfold its most thrilling secret of the third ace of spades. Setting its story in Lazio Rome ( Both in 1162AD and 2...
Tied Up: A BABYMETAL Gothic Horror FanFiction by RaimuChiura
Tied Up: A BABYMETAL Gothic Horror...by Raimu Chiura
Suzuka Nakamoto and SU-METAL, they are different persons in one body. Two passionate performers working together to achieve their common goals and dreams. But will they...