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Her Fulani Prince (Preview) by itx_ammarh
Her Fulani Prince (Preview)by Aishaaah
"Anee place your hand here" he said using his index finger to point to his chest and I slowly place my hand there feeling his heartbeat in fast motion.. A mixt...
Right Person, Right Time by OldSchoolStories_
Right Person, Right Timeby Srishti💓
Unrequited love hurts - no kidding, but watching the love of your life be head over heels for someone else - that's pain in the most raw sense. Duaa had known that pain...
Inked Love (A Muslim Love Story) by Believe_In_Qadr
Inked Love (A Muslim Love Story)by Undying Hopes
#1 in TwistedLife. #1 in ForgottenPast #2 in Muslims. #2 in duaa #2 in Qadr #4 in haraam #5 in Hopes. I believed, This world is merely a test of strives. I trusted, Find...
AL-HUDA by zainabhemed
AL-HUDAby zainabhemed
The title describes what the story is all about. Quran; the Holy book of Islam, its usefulness in our daily lives and the main teachings we get from it as Muslims.
Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.   by Allah_first
Verily, in the remembrance of Alla...by proud muslimah
"when my servants ask thee concerning me, I am indeed close to them" (Qur'an 2:186)
The story of my life by Duaa1998
The story of my lifeby Duaa!
I grew up as an orphanage girl because I was abandoned and this is my life.My name is Donna and I'm 11 and i was a child about 5 when i was abandoned I heard my mum chat...
Authentic Dua's(fortress of muslim) by memii5
Authentic Dua's(fortress of muslim)by memii5
this book contains duaa with Translation, and reference to show its authenticity most of it has been taken from Hisnul Muslim (fortress of muslim) which is the best aut...
Al Husna | Ramadan 2019 by ProjectMuslimsUnited
Al Husna | Ramadan 2019by Let's Become One
Assalaamu alaikum! Welcome to the 2019 Ramadan Edition of Al Husna :D ------- Ramadan Mubarak everyone! This book is put together to In Shaa Allah serve as a source of k...
Being an only child by toobaak2605
Being an only childby toobaak2605
This is a book about the typical life as an only child, it goes through situations,stereotypes, and stuff on and only child. Hope u enjooyy
She is Yemen by leavemealone2331
She is Yemenby leavemealone2331
I'm Yemeni and I'm proud. If you haven't known what's going on in the news and what's happening to Yemen, then I'm sorry to say my dear friend; You've been living under...
Anka Kimdir? by _Anka51
Anka Kimdir?by _Anka51
Merhaba Dostlar Ben ANKA Bu Yazımda Size Kendimi Tanıtacağım Ve Wattpad'a Neler Yazacağımdan Bahsedeceğim Keyifli Okumalar.
The noticeboard! by dawah_is_easy
The noticeboard!by Dawah_is_easy
Here is a set of reminders every Muslim needs!
Hijab by Iamumeeh
Hijabby Iamumeeh
This is base on an experience i had when i was in school and i hope you will like it and incase if i make any mistake corrections are welcome for the benefits of everyon...
Al Husna | Ramadan 2020 by ProjectMuslimsUnited
Al Husna | Ramadan 2020by Let's Become One
Assalaamu alaikum! Welcome to the 2020 Ramadan Edition of Al Husna :D ◽ Setting Ramadan goals using the SMART method ◽ Tips on memorising the Quran ◽ Etiquettes of Dua'