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DaveSport by Abi7535
DaveSportby Sunny_Pawz#1234
WARNING: SMUT, FLUFF, DRINK SPIKING AND OTHER TOPICS Jack wakes up in a room, the last thing he remembered was being drunk at a house party and a familiar aubergine colo...
DSAF Oneshots  by Pineapple-Dirk
DSAF Oneshots by H
I'm not really sure what to put here, but it's mostly going to be DaveSport. I will take ideas if you have any :) Any warnings will be put at the beginning of the chapt...
dave x old sport: We Live, We Love, We Lie by RussianRouletteBoi
dave x old sport: We Live, We Love...by RussianRouletteBoi
dave miller had now worked at the pizzeria for 23 years without killing kids suscessfully but suddenly without warning on a Wednesday afternoon within the pizzaria they...
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots  by AngelMasterMind3
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots by ✨Skid✨
uh yeah I'll do requests ig
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport) by notmebuddy
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport)by ALIENS AMIRIGHT
This book is about Dave/Old sport only! I'm happy to take requests for small stories and maybe even a mini-series or two :) If I ever do take a request for another ship...
💕DaveSport Oneshots💕 by Roach-y
💕DaveSport Oneshots💕by Roach-y
just a bunch of small stories that I'll be making in my free time <3 - Smut [Maybe] - Fluff - Angst - Gore - Abuse - Self Harm - EmOtiNaL sTrEsS - 'Mama Phoney ;] - P...
💌Peaxhy's Book of Davesport Oneshots💌 by Peaxhy-que
💌Peaxhy's Book of Davesport Onesh...by lucci gang
hey hey hey, an actual ship book. interesting I decided to do Dave x Jack (Davesport), because it's so freaking adorable, even if they're going to strangle your kiddins...
DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /DISCONTINUED..(?) by simon_mccall
DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /D...by simon_mccall
welcome to my oneshot book, this is where i write cool stuff requests are open ;)
Drink and Drugs (Complete) by Kawaii_Sadie17
Drink and Drugs (Complete)by Kawaii_Sadie17
Jack hasn't seen Dave ever since the incident, he just couldn't bring himself to see him again, so he changed his shift to the night shift, asking Steve if he could tell...
💜 DSAF//Art book (some dsaf art because Y E S)💜  by Bludary
💜 DSAF//Art book (some dsaf art b...by Happy Dave :D
I just want to put my DSaF artworks into the world bc I have way too many ideas qvq I like to draw Dave and Jack being very gay.... Yeah •v•" Don't sh00t me (!!!Spo...
Steven x Peter Oneshots by eye-pullingcuts
Steven x Peter Oneshotsby pulling my eye at u.
For the people who can't find an active Steven x Peter book :)
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf royalty au.) by LloydsDepartment
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf roy...by 💙Dumb Man💙
Dave is a prince Jack is a baker Read to learn about this lmao
 Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack Stuff by LivsObsessions
Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack S...by LivsObsessions
Just a ship I'm obsessed with :') (This is old so it has cringe in it lol) Also discontinued ;w;
The things I create wich I call ✨Art✨- by _SleepyKidden_
The things I create wich I call ✨A...by 𝐃𝐬𝐚𝐟 𝐨𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐢�...
JuSt gOnNa pOsT mY ArT hErE- It's mostly gonna be Dsaf art- And stupid art qwq
Dsaf Comics by ElizMC99
Dsaf Comicsby Elof
Uh...idk what am I gonna write it here h-heck UUUHHHH Kennedy Family?- Gay?- -sigh- whatever if it is Oh heck well hope you like it-
Christian au(Dsaf/davesport) by Stfuorsmth
Christian au(Dsaf/davesport)by Stfu
UhhHh so welcome I guess I'm here to tell you about this book, So this is a Dsaf au with Davesport no the au is not as lame as it sounds don't come for me thank you- Som...
DSAF Oneshots [DISCONTINUED] by Spookii-
DSAF Oneshots [DISCONTINUED]by Lack of motivation
WARNING: This book will contain the following: Lemon Fluff Smut Gay And much more If any of these things disturb or bother you, then please, do not read this book You ha...
OldSport x Dave oneshots by AIattack
OldSport x Dave oneshotsby Gaylord
(All art credits to me! Find my instagram page @Conduitvirus for more art pieces.) This writing includes lots of different DSAF Oldsport x Dave shipping stories, or so c...
davesport oneshots! <3 by Cloudyfizz
davesport oneshots! <3by Cloudyfizz
I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so leave a comment if you have a request! Ships in this fanfic: davesport and sporttrap (whatever you call d...