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The Dark Place by Anne0rca
The Dark Placeby Anne0rca
There are times when we are sent to the dark place with no warning. sometimes it's impossible to claw yourself out ; so all that's left to do Is explore.
  • drown
 Somewhere  by 000DreameR
Somewhere by S. E. Latch
"Somewhere" is my poetry collection compiled of poems on sundry topics. I've written them during a different time, and they reflect my feelings, thoughts, and...
  • spiritual
  • wattpadpoetry2019
  • poems
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Logan  by Sherbet2000
Logan by Samantha Jaye
He was a bad boy. She was a good girl. Hailey Flowers tried to avoid guys like him, until the night he saved her life. Now she feels like she owes him, but he wants no...
  • couple
  • girlfriend
  • drown
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Darkness and the Sun by lady0fdarkness
Darkness and the Sunby lady0fdarkness
the illuminating sun shows it's unbiased radiant heat to everyone.
  • deep
  • darkness
  • wounds
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Little Did I Know by Taida_No_Megami
Little Did I Knowby Padfoot;)
Your mine and I'm yours. And I'm not letting you slip away again *** What happens when you meet your ex in an unexpected and...physical way😏 *** Join our hero in a cha...
  • lovehate
  • future
  • gaybestfriend
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Fotos de Clairo (Dj Baby Benz) by user71968653
Fotos de Clairo (Dj Baby Benz)by Crybaby
Fotos de esta hermosura de 20,(Clairo),que además de ser tan hermosa tiene una voz preciosa.
  • clairo
  • heaven
  • cheetos
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drowning in the void.  by scorpiolifegocrazy
drowning in the void. by Brooklynn Paris
a collection of my sick thoughts. my scars, my tears, and my blood.
  • pointless
  • suicide
  • killme
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Straight - Joshler by emofanficsfordays
Straight - Joshlerby Werard Way
"There is no way, that you, Tyler Robert Joseph, haven't fallen for me yet."
  • drown
  • gayromance
  • blurryface
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Drown by unbotheredintrovert
Drownby 독주 :>
You let me drown. You watch me drown. And now you're coming back like you didn't do anything before.
  • drown
  • unbotheredintrovert
The Deep End by Chelstopolis
The Deep Endby chels
coming soon
  • murdermystery
  • pool
  • drowning
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The Mirror by Divine3vil15
The Mirrorby Zak Blanchard
Alexei is a Russian Immigrant. Having fled persecution in his Ukrainian home, his family moved to America in hopes of a better and safer life. However, not all reflectio...
  • shower
  • russian
  • short
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drown (FALEC) by iamrllyweird
drown (FALEC)by 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚 [ IFG ]
❝He saw her. Lifeless body, emotionless face. They saw her too. Not the way he did. They saw her happy, they saw her smile and laugh, but he couldn't get out this one pi...
  • itsfunneh
  • falec
  • lunar
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the art of falling by divineseok
the art of fallingby niknik
paint me as deep and as blue as the sea and maybe i will find the strength to drown myself
  • thoughts
  • poetry
  • angst
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Alternate Endings by Thetwotasksgirl14
Alternate Endingsby Waffles
So I decided to rewrite this so it would make more sense. ~ First things first, this is probably the only book out there like this, so I feel good about this. Anyway, t...
  • drowning
  • rescue
  • water
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💖AC4L💖 by Lolitzme_0031OK
💖AC4L💖by Lolitzme_0031 OK
  • drown
  • queennaija
  • periodt
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The Light of Death by JamieSage6
The Light of Deathby Sage
Poems on Suicide and Death
  • death
  • poet
  • cut
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ATLANTIS : THE SUNKEN ISLAND & SHE...by aananya ratan
Atlantis - haven't heard of it ??? Well, it's a legendary island believed to have drowned millions of years ago to the sea bed. Don't we have all an Atlantis within us...
  • sad
  • silentcry
  • aananyaratan
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The Tears That Took Time ( T5 ) by SabbathBest
The Tears That Took Time ( T5 )by Natasha Thomas
What happens when PAIN becomes your only language?? Does it become a weapon or a trap? Tasha Carson is a bright person. The perfect daughter everyone aspires to have. I...
  • pain
  • life
  • save
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lifeguard by sprousehartsuniverse
lifeguardby Brooke
Betty Cooper a normal girl until her whole life changes after falling into the water. to be saved. by the one and only Jughead Jones. ;)
  • jughead
  • betty
  • kevin
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the girl that was broken! by AmarisL5
the girl that was broken!by Amaris L
Rose has been through so much stuff. but she has conquered them with her family. one day her and her sisters sneak out to go to this party. she meets a guy named Jack. h...
  • feelings
  • pool
  • party
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