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bandages || calum hood by indolentcth
bandages || calum hoodby kat
❝i don't know whether it was the way she bit her bottom lip in concentration, her eyebrows furrowed to focus on one spot, her straight jet black ponytail swayed every mo...
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The High School Dropout - Zach Herron by noodlesxjack
The High School Dropout - Zach Her...by Isa
{COMPLETED} Alexia Grace, a high school student who fell in love with Zach Herron. She didn't only fell in love with him, she also fell for his games. Start: february 2...
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Property Of a Millionaire by FanofFans6
Property Of a Millionaireby Fan of Fans
"I like to pull on your hair, see you struggle to breathe, watch you reach your climax and then stop you from reaching your high." He said all of that without...
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AROUND THE WAY GIRL. | jodeci. by casanovetta
"I want a girl with extensions in her hair. Bamboo earrings, at least two pair. A Fendi bag and a bad attitude that's all I need to get me in a good mood. She can w...
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My Own Worst Enemy by opesorry
My Own Worst Enemyby Meaghan
Gracie was many things - intelligent, kind, family oriented. One thing she wasn't was conventional. That got her into trouble. That trouble just so happened to be Chris...
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Protagonista masculino en Gabriel DropOut. by OtakUwU_CL
Protagonista masculino en Gabriel...by OtakUwU_CL
Fanfic sobre el anime "Gabriel DropOut". En esta obra INCLUIRE a un nuevo personaje dentro de la historia, un chico sin nombre al que me referire como "El...
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My BadBoy by little_stich
My BadBoyby Bree
You are looking through the eyes of KZ the leader of the most powerful gang. When you walk in to a city people leave and because you rule the city no one will stand up...
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Diary of a Head Dropout- Edgar Munsen by GreaserKings
Diary of a Head Dropout- Edgar Mun...by Johnny Dean
Hey. I heard this one kid put his diary or something on the internet. So, I thought that I could put my thing up here. But, I guess I have to warn you that mine probably...
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Just A Kink by aaciiprt
Just A Kinkby gillies
G.C. Wilcox isn't the type of girl you'd find hitting up guys at the bar for a one night stand much less working in an adult entertainment store, nor would she be the pe...
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Hot and Cold (Gabriel dropout x fem! Reader) by Bwahahauthor
Hot and Cold (Gabriel dropout x fe...by Generic Author
The war of Heaven and Hell has finally come, except the Angels and Demons aren't fighting for divine power over all existence, they're fighting over you ❤️
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adopted by pierce the veil by _REDLOTUS_
adopted by pierce the veilby loki's queen
my name is Colton, but please do call me colt, and yes I'm a girl. my father wanted a son. I'm 16 at the moment and I've been in the orphanage since I was ten. when my...
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Gabriel DropOut [Entre el cielo y el infierno] by ExaLupe
Gabriel DropOut [Entre el cielo y...by Exalupe
¿Que pasaría si un ángel y demonio se juntaran? y lo peor... ¿Que tuvieran herencia?, la fuerzas del bien y mal no aceptaran estas cosas, ninguno se harán responsables d...
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They Call Us Freaks by AyeeBeeEss
They Call Us Freaksby AyeeBeeEss
They're the ones on motorcycles. They're the ones with tattoos and piercings. They're the ones in black clothes. They're the ones with cigarettes between their lips. Th...
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𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐒 by jisungs_cheescake
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐒by Ravita Jasmine Chie
📍𝓼𝓮𝓸𝓾𝓵, 𝓴𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓪 19 year old Lee Jihyun, a highschool dropout faces many difficulties as she lives her life. Sneaking out every night to escape from her hell to...
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DROPOUTby Khomo Zhea
Antes que nada les advierto que esta mierda de historia no es totalmente mía, si no que yo continué una historia echa por un amigo mio. (!NO SE PONGO ESTO SI NADIE VA A...
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The Birth of Orion by inclining
The Birth of Orionby fran
Orion Keone drops out of university, and from there everything is a disaster. But then Theo Hansson shows up. Over the summer, he helps her start fresh. To become more l...
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Problem Girl by SickestKids
Problem Girlby SickestKids
Lola has a problem. Since age seven she's always had one. When both of her parents are killed in a car accident, she is transferred from foster home to foster home but...
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Speaking in Absolutes by MidnightRose55
Speaking in Absolutesby Ruby
Sometimes you get lost and find yourself and sometimes you find another road back to the highway. ~~~~~~ Lowell Jacobs is by no means extraordinary. He's got a deadbeat...
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𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐜 | austin porter. by peachykuwonu
𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐜 | austin porter.by —dana! {ON HIATUS}
"i'm really just about to give the hell up." "don't. life isn't always what its set out to be. you just gotta look at that shit different and you get a w...
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