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Drop-Dead Gorgeous| F. W. x Reader by kittyshop2
Drop-Dead Gorgeous| F. W. x Readerby Firm Believer
Finn Wolfhard is mad for you, and you're just drop-dead gorgeous.
  • fanfiction
  • wolfhard
  • gorgeous
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Chain Of Death by Fake_Drop
Chain Of Deathby Reaper
A stand alone novel. This book is a work of fiction. Names, Some Places, events, and character are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to events, persons, living or dead...
  • diewithme
  • chainofdeath
  • standalonenovel
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Flight of our Lives - Aphmau AU  by sparkle6666
Flight of our Lives - Aphmau AU by MidnightFox452
Hello! My name is Aphmau! I'm a flight attendant on Phoenix Drop Airlines. I work with all of my friends, including the love of my life, Aaron. We have a lot of fun adv...
  • phoenix
  • attendant
  • aarmau
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Zene Oneshots by Stargazer_Nightwing
Zene Oneshotsby Queen of Zene (Zane x Gene)
The title says it all. This is a book full of the ship Zane x Gene. This includes the following-- Fluff. Love. Lemons. Sh*tposts/Random moments. Don't like my pairings...
  • drop
  • gene
  • high
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MS/PDH/MCD X Reader Lemons  by very_erotic
MS/PDH/MCD X Reader Lemons by very_erotic
  • high
  • pheonix
  • drop
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The One For Me (Minecraft Diaries X Reader)  by _sparklingblossom
The One For Me (Minecraft Diaries...by mariah🦋
Your village was burnt down...then you get found and are welcomed to stay at a village named Phoniex Drop. And you find out some things about you...and you meet these gu...
  • minecraft
  • phoniex
  • drop
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The New Werewolf (Daniel x Reader)  by HappyToni1103
The New Werewolf (Daniel x Reader) by HappyToni 1103
Y/n is a new student from Phoenix drop high. She is a social butterfly and has no problem making friends. She has been bullied a lot but she still thinks positive than t...
  • phoenix
  • drop
  • aphmau
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|Secrets| Aaron x reader PDH  by Mary_Otsutsuki
|Secrets| Aaron x reader PDH by Mary
"The stars and moon in the dark sky mix." Aaron x reader Heeey! So yeah it's a bad description. I know. I know.
  • spy
  • high
  • minecraft
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Emotionless -The 100 Bellamy Blake Fanfiction- by KeeperOfTheRiddle
Emotionless -The 100 Bellamy Blake...by KeeperOfTheRiddle
I was locked up on the ark since the age of three, I don't remember anything besides solitary. When I am sent to earth weak, emotionless and hardly able to walk 10 feet...
  • bellamy
  • dropship
  • blake
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Dangerous Secrets by MiddleChildCrisis
Dangerous Secretsby Tahlia
AUTHORS NOTE: This was written when I was 14, its not my best work and can definitely use some editing, which I dont see happening in the near future, if you ask me any...
  • drop
  • gun
  • drugs
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Drop Dead ~ Oliver Sykes  by fxckingethereal
Drop Dead ~ Oliver Sykes by ass itch
Iris, a 26 year old tattoo artist and model, meets Oliver Sykes in a Drop Dead shop. He asks her to model for the brand and soon they become very close, until some thing...
  • bringmethehorizon
  • oliver
  • drop
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No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader) by Myukiui
No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader)by Myū~tan
Highest Ranking: #1 in Blaze and Drop All it takes is one mistake to end something so precious. But, it's worth the risk. To have fun and "live" life. Just don...
  • blaze
  • plottwist
  • no
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My love for him (Phoniex Drop High X Reader) by _sparklingblossom
My love for him (Phoniex Drop High...by mariah🦋
You come to a new high school and make new great friends...but you come across boys that you end up liking all of them! Read the story to find out what happens! {get to...
  • aphmau
  • high
  • love
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Overprotective ||LaurenceXReader|| by savy_44
Overprotective ||LaurenceXReader||by Weirdo101
You is the youngest of her three older brothers, garroth, vylad and Zane. You are starting highschool this year, what will happen when you fall in love will your brother...
  • wattys2018
  • katelyn
  • aphmau
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Just another Ro'Meave [UNDER EXTREME EDITING/REDO] by squidterd
Just another Ro'Meave [UNDER EXTRE...by L.C. Andrews
[UNDER EXTREME EDITING / REDO - NOTHING IS FINAL] ~~~~~ All Leo Ro'Meave has ever known was torment. Her step-father, Flinn Sullivan, curses the Ro'Meaves with abuse, re...
  • magic
  • violence
  • high
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Sorry ➳ Gene x Reader (Songfic) by Amanda_Starxx
Sorry ➳ Gene x Reader (Songfic)by "ıṅṿıċṭȗṡ ṃѧṅєȏ"
❝Hey, princess?❞ ❝Yes, Gene?❞ ❝Can I kiss you?❞ ❝Yeah.❞ Some people just can't handle the truth. Others lie until it the lies becomes reality. ...
  • drop
  • xreader
  • genexreader
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Love Is Blind [At Least In One Eye] (A Zanemau Fan Fic) COMPLETED by NotFromThisDimension
Love Is Blind [At Least In One Eye...by 👻Yuki~Trashness👻
Zane and Aphmau are both lonely high schoolers. They both go into the woods on a daily basis to get away from reality. But one day, Zane hears Aphmau talking to herself...
  • mystreet
  • drop
  • zanemau
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More Than What He Seems (AaronxReader) by Clarity_sama
More Than What He Seems (AaronxRea...by Kayla
He has Scars, Scratches, and bruises on his body. He gets into fights and, has a bad temper... But, is there more than just a rude, cold hearted jerk? You are in high sc...
  • phoenix
  • xreader
  • fanfic
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Why (Gene X Reader) (Wattys 2017) by SelenaE9876
Why (Gene X Reader) (Wattys 2017)by SelenaE9876
Why did this have to be my life? Why did I have to meet him?
  • high
  • xreader
  • aphmau
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How We Met///The Story Before by FallenKen
How We Met///The Story Beforeby GalraKen
This is the story of how we met, how our entire life had started.
  • laurance
  • high
  • aphmau
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