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Into the Fire by Weezie_24
Into the Fireby weezerz2490
Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway. When FDNY firefighter Tori Reagan's company responded to a three-alarm incident at the World Trade Center...
Destiny x Reader Oneshots (Slow updates) by mallaie
Destiny x Reader Oneshots (Slow up...by TheCheekyDoggo
These are Destiny ones shots and I'll take requests. I'll be slow on updating, due to *shiver* school. Disclaimer: I do not own the destiny universe, all rights reserve...
The Saint's Gambit by Space-Surgeon
The Saint's Gambitby Space-Surgeon
Saint 14 finds himself aboard the Drifters barge with a promise to fulfil, rescue the last sun breaker from the dredgen before the solar titan is turned into a taken mon...
Realm Drifter: Cruel King by AllyHarp2401
Realm Drifter: Cruel Kingby Ally Harp
[MATURE: READ IF YOU DARE] ~ Alannah Valos had a power. Just like her mother, Alannah could drift through realms and back with just a single thought. Each realm Alannah...
Destiny Characters X Reader Lemon Oneshots by MsChomperTheChomp
Destiny Characters X Reader Lemon...by JarOfDirtGang
Love the characters from Destiny? Here is a Fanfiction book full of your favorite characters. Rules: 1) I don't do Vore: The most vore you'll get is an Eliksni biti...
Windswept by wildgreenskittle
Windsweptby Gwen Cole
Reid has been homeless on the streets of New York for years now, fighting for cash in clubs and sleeping in empty buildings. With his special ability, Reid could have wh...
Drifter (Markiplier x reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
Drifter (Markiplier x reader) | Co...by Saretha
You were a drifter running away from an abusing father but got jumped. When you woke up, you found out a man named Mark helped you.
Destiny Oneshots by MaybeMnWrites
Destiny Oneshotsby May
Oneshots for the game Destiny since I'm obsessed. It might be a little off or OOC but I really wanted to write some stuff for my little destiny crushes * Characters Incl...
The Saloon of Dead Men A Western by RobertHelliger
The Saloon of Dead Men A Westernby RobertHelliger
In 1853, a mysterious Drifter heads to a place where no men dare to travel. And, as he arrives, he brings death to those who threaten him. The new historical Western/Adv...
Drifters X Reader Oneshots by obsessedCryptid
Drifters X Reader Oneshotsby obsessedCryptid
Since there isn't that much Drifters fanfiction, I thought about writing some. So I hope you enjoy and please be patient with the updates. P.S. No lemons or limes becaus...
The Jeon's Bride by yourauthor_ace
The Jeon's Brideby Ace✌️
Betrayal would be just another B-word in her dictionary other than bitch, if it weren't for the people whom she had loved the most. A sudden hunger of revenge aroused an...
Drifter and some AOT characters as drifters by MaeTuna
Drifter and some AOT characters as...by I_need_Healing
Hello, I'm new to Wattpad! And this is my very first fanfic, so there will probably be some grammar mistakes. - So in this fanfic, Mikasa is from the slightly advanced...
Warframe. by gokugunslinger
Warframe.by gokugunslinger
(Spoliers for the New war!) This is a Lotus x Operator x Harem story.
One man war beast by Tembakwu
One man war beastby Tembakwu
Bullied reader x Crossover When one hears the word "War beast" , the first thing that comes to mind is a large animal equipped with armor for war. But what if...
pretty when you cry by iinnocently
pretty when you cryby honey
(Previously known as "Insanity". Currently being completely rewritten.) Xavia Scythe was never in one place for too long. As a loner, a drifter, she stuck to h...
《I'm Not That Bad》{Cumber reader X Rwby } by Silverking1337
《I'm Not That Bad》{Cumber reader X...by RealBoy76
Hey I know this could be 4th wall breaking but y'all know how this goes I tell you what the story is, what's going to happen to the story and everything, but this time i...
Remnant's Gambit by BaloneyPhobos
Remnant's Gambitby Baloney
(But random but here's a bit of a little project that I hope I can keep up with with everything elses) The Drifter, known by many names some of which being: Todd, Eli, G...
Kings Of The Sea (Drifters Fanfiction) by obsessedCryptid
Kings Of The Sea (Drifters Fanfict...by obsessedCryptid
So I've recently finished the first season of the anime Drifters and I thought, what the hell, I'll write some fanfiction for it! This involves of my favorite figures in...
Anime/Manga Headcanons by Charliethepirate
Anime/Manga Headcanonsby Charliethepirate
Some headcanons I have from various anime, probably going to be mostly sport anime tho
Destiny 2 - One Shots  by GuardianD0wn
Destiny 2 - One Shots by GuardianD0wn
Some fluffy Destiny 2 one shots! First story: Fun short story between Zavala and Drifter! Second story: Fluffy short story between Saint-14 and Osiris! Third story: Come...