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Loose Reins by LameLissy
Loose Reinsby Lissy
Claire thinks her life couldn't be worse. Her parents abuse her and she is basically the maid. One day she runs away and finds her self at a grand stable. A horse lov...
  • runaway
  • romance
  • clue
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trial & error - isackaela's story by cashmerejumpers
trial & error - isackaela's storyby ᴀʟᴀɴɴᴀʜ & ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ
Isackaela McKinley-Staedlar, a privileged young equestrian from the small island state of Tasmania, is out to prove herself to the world at the first ever Globe Youth Tr...
  • olympics
  • famous
  • horse
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bravo, jest by fairybread77
bravo, jestby aleuca
#1 IN HORSE LOVE 13.6.19 #6 IN TWEEN 13.6.19 MEDIUM LENGTH CHAPTERS Nadia and her horse Jest have grown up together ever since Nadia saved Jest from being put down whe...
  • horseriding
  • tween
  • dressage
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Under The Saddle (Horse Story) by abbie_persson
Under The Saddle (Horse Story)by abbiep
|| COMPLETED || "Chey, Breeze saved you. But we don't..." My mind was buzzing. I couldn't hear anything but my own thoughts. Pain. Fear. She had saved me. A...
  • eventer
  • showjumping
  • bestfriend
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A Summer To Remember | A Free Rein Fanfiction by succmymacaroni
A Summer To Remember | A Free Rein...by Toes
Don't judge me for writing a free rein fan fiction either okay? I was bored when I started to create this. This isn't going to be any good but I wanted to have a go at...
  • showjumping
  • netflix
  • becky
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WinterFlood Academy - Book 1 by Emryaa
WinterFlood Academy - Book 1by Emrya Michelle
Everdeen is the youngest daughter of the multi-millionaire corporation family, the Lené's. Their family lives up to the very expectation of being rich and posh, though t...
  • horse
  • eventing
  • romance
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Carry On (Book 1) by Dressage_Queen
Carry On (Book 1)by Equestrian for Life!
Ariel Whitman didn't think life could carry on after the death of her mother. Living with her depressed father and twin siblings, they barely made enough income to keep...
  • crosscountry
  • horses
  • canterwoodbased
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Wingbury | An Equestrian Story by TwiMishaMations
Wingbury | An Equestrian Storyby TwiMisha
Flustered with family drama, 17 year old Hana Winstock charges off into the overgrown evergreen forest beside her home. She breaks to a clearing, only to spot a fleabitt...
  • competition
  • horse
  • dressage
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MSRA ⇒ Final Year by cxntering
MSRA ⇒ Final Yearby college equestrian
(Senior Year: Book Three) After an extremely difficult junior year, Kathleen Whitmore is ready to start the daunting senior year, where she'll be facing much more than j...
  • crosscountry
  • horseacademy
  • reining
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Pine Tree Riding Academy by PONY_mad_25
Pine Tree Riding Academyby PONY_mad_25
Tina Simson has dreamed of riding her whole life. Her whole family has no intrest in horses. but suddenly Tina is accepted into a Pine Tree and her whole life changes. T...
  • school
  • english
  • competition
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Red Oak (B. Barnes) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Red Oak (B. Barnes)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Bucky is being sent to Canada to recover from Hydra, it's a stay at an Equestrian center or high-security prison, now whilst he's not necessarily a horse person, he will...
  • ranch
  • recoveringbucky
  • wintersoldier
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Equestrian(Crush x Reader)  by minyoongisdestiny
Equestrian(Crush x Reader) by minyoongisdestiny
⚠️THE COVER PHOTO IS MINE NO COPYING REPOSTING E.C.T ⚠️ ⚡Equestrian one shots⚡ -Working Equitation -Dressage -Jumping -Showriding - (only if requested) Western
  • jumping
  • workingequitation
  • horses
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My Riding Story by CattailBreeze
My Riding Storyby Emerson S.
This is like a blog where I'll give updates about my equestrian life.
  • equestrian
  • dressage
  • horses
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Back on the Back of a Horse by KimyonaExousia
Back on the Back of a Horseby Weird Power
At one point in time, Hailey Love was both a competitor and a trainer in the equestrian world. She was a veteran in the all-around show circuit, which included both Wes...
  • horsemanship
  • western
  • english
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New Strides || Canterwood Crest || Book 19 by jumpingchic
New Strides || Canterwood Crest ||...by ♕ M A D I ♕
Sasha Silver is bringing a new friend home to Canterwood... Or should she say, a four-legged friend? Sasha's first year of high-school at Canterwood is finally underway...
  • canterwoodcrestacademy
  • riding
  • canterwoodcrest
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Sterling Ridge Equestrian Centre: A Horse RP by CattailBreeze
Sterling Ridge Equestrian Centre:...by Emerson S.
Play as a horse or a person, or even both! At Sterling Ridge Equestrian Centre, you can be who you want. We believe that anyone can make it to the top if they just try. ...
  • hunter
  • eventing
  • dressage
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Hoof beats for July by delilah_the_cat
Hoof beats for Julyby delilah_the_cat
"One day!" she told herself, "feed the scary horses and you can go back to your room and sleep." July Colinns has struggled with depression for years...
  • horses
  • showjumping
  • ponies
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Riding in the Wind by SkitterKitter
Riding in the Windby SkitterKitter
This book is based off the game Star Stable Online. There will be no spoilers throughout the story that goes along with the sso story line. Somethings in Star Stable Onl...
  • rodeo
  • starstableonline
  • sso
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The Eventers Club 3: Starstruck by Dressage_Queen
The Eventers Club 3: Starstruckby Equestrian for Life!
Eve and Ash seemed to have finally made it. Training under the eyes of two future Olympic equestrians, Jewel and Skylar Lockhart and a chance to try out for the best Equ...
  • equestrian
  • equine
  • horses
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Storm On The Rise | Wattys 2019 by Sunfl0werBabe
Storm On The Rise | Wattys 2019by Sunfl0werBabe
Follow Montana's journey as she goes from a small town in the middle of nowhere, to an elite riding academy. All while riding a horse who everyone said couldn't do it
  • horses
  • horselover
  • crosscountry
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