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Soft Spot (Dream X Georgenotfound) by multixstoriesx
Soft Spot (Dream X Georgenotfound)by happinessnotfounddd
George always remained closed off when it came to his feelings about another person, no one was able to break through the thick, mental walls he had built up years prio...
~Galaxies Apart~ a dreamnotfound fanfic by burntl3ttuce
~Galaxies Apart~ a dreamnotfound f...by lettuce
{Completed} "Welcome to the Dark Side." George has just been promoted by the Jedi council to become a Knight. When he is given the mission to take down Dream...
Love triangle///Dream x George x Sapnap/// by Magical_Otaku_UwU
Love triangle///Dream x George x S...by Ghosty_pan
Well ya read the title, didn't you? Welp anyways yea pretty much a lot of sex and angest
Bittersweet Revenge // Dreamnotfound  by 0_Lavi_0
Bittersweet Revenge // Dreamnotfou...by Laviana
| Dream tries to take revenge from Geroge but they fall in love instead | Mob/Mafia au kind of thing but not much | I don't ship them irl and i will take this down if th...
Confidence Not Found (DNF) by Ranboo_myguy
Confidence Not Found (DNF)by Ranboo_myguy
Clay is sensitive, his confidence ranging from high to low within seconds. He finds himself trapped between the walls of popularity and expectations, only to be exposed...
Receeding Tides (mcyt) by RainoftheSouth
Receeding Tides (mcyt)by RainoftheSouth
After the Waves devastated the Earth, modern society collapsed. Governments didn't know what to do, and much of the world's treaties and society's pre-imposed rules went...
Dreamnotfound Oneshots by Fgsk8ter
Dreamnotfound Oneshotsby Fgsk8ter
This will contain lots of fluff, and slight lime if anything. There will be warnings in the beginning of chapters. This is not my fanart btw. I have school, so that migh...
Faceless by zzoebrown
Facelessby Zoë Brown
Dream the faceless Minecraft youtuber and his best friend George finally meet in person, along with their friends Sapnap and Badboyhalo. They had been questioning their...
Nimrod |Karlnap| by Millie02468
Nimrod |Karlnap|by mIlLiE
"You're such a Nimrod." "Nimrod?" "It's a...word I made up." "I'm hoping it isn't an insult."
Why Can't you Show me Love by yesimagirlgamer
Why Can't you Show me Loveby 💛✨AUXRIX✨💛
Dream is trapped in a world where the government teaches you to get rid of all your emotions. But what happens when he starts realizing he has feeling for his best frien...
DreamNotFound Oneshots by PoisonousNightshade
DreamNotFound Oneshotsby PoisonousNightshade
A Oneshot book about DreamNotFound. (Dream and GeorgeNotFound are okay with shipping! I don't ship them in real life!) Each chapter could be set in either Dream's POV or...
My Idiotic Boyfriends by wiasofia
My Idiotic Boyfriendsby wiasofia
A wholesome story between two idiots and a guy slowly becoming an idiot. In simple words, a dreamnapfound story.
Wishful Thinking- DreamNotFound by itsdaveyyy
Wishful Thinking- DreamNotFoundby bird
Back in Elementary school, George was a transfer student after moving from the UK, when he met Clay. Ever since then, the two have been best friends. In their last year...
DreamNotFound Smut And Fluff by Noooobored
DreamNotFound Smut And Fluffby Noooobored
Hi, this is a ship between dream and george I believe this is a mix between fluff and smut correct me if I'm wrong but if you do not like sexual things or shipping peopl...
Monster // dnf by randomperson7474
Monster // dnfby RandomPerson
George pays Dream a visit in prison. Arguing and kissing ensues. Self indulgent dnf fic about the characters they play on the dream smp. 1 chapter - 1741 words. Finished.
The Cliff by DreamriotFound
The Cliffby DreamriotFound
One last song One last tear One last look One last breath A whole life A whole life full of memories memories to never forget
When Two Lines Meet//DreamNotFound by ArcsSpine
When Two Lines Meet//DreamNotFoundby Melly
A story where Dream and GeorgeNotFound have their own duo band . Dream then falls in love with GeorgeNotFound and ends up kissing him on stage one day . MY AU ! ART ON...
The Eyes of the Broken |Dreamnotfound| by Millie02468
The Eyes of the Broken |Dreamnotfo...by mIlLiE
"Your eyes are my new favorite color." Dreamnotfound Maze Runner AU
Dream x Georgenotfound by unipoplove
Dream x Georgenotfoundby unipoplove
Welcome to my short cute fanfic about these two minecraft YouTubers. Dream - Clay Georgenotfound - George I hope you enjoy and I will be updating soon :) <3 - this s...
DreamNotFound Oneshots by IcySan
DreamNotFound Oneshotsby Isse Chan
(I DID NOT MAKE THE COVER ART) This is many stories in one book just kinda together about Dream x GeorgeNotFound. It's not meant to be mean in any kind of way to either...