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mcyt oneshots  by serenegolden
mcyt oneshots by golden :]
[i do not ship them irl :) ] these are one shots!! please don't read if you think you'll be offended! the goal is not to make people uncomfortable or upset, it's to give...
Raising Tubbo by pyronapp
Raising Tubboby Nap!
[ cover was drawn and edited by me ] A little boy with blueish-grey eyes finds his way into a home with three boyfriends, and they just couldn't say no to not keeping hi...
Replaced And New Family  - Tommyinnit Angst And fluff Story by Charlie_Pretzels
Replaced And New Family - Tommyin...by Charlie Pretzels
Tommy had taken a break for a month because he was getting a lot of hate Usually it would be nothing but his friends at college were also being rude to him because someo...
head in the clouds by mellowdnf
head in the cloudsby mello
little dream & caregivers george & sapnap age regression one-shots :)
The Betrayed Gamer (PJ/Dream Team Fanfiction) by aquafirexd_
The Betrayed Gamer (PJ/Dream Team...by 🎗AquafireXD🎗
Percy Jackson. The myth among demigods. The one who slayed Kronos and Gaea. But at what cost? A betrayal. New campers began to envy him, and started pranking him mercil...
Hug the Line by burned2ash
Hug the Lineby Ash
George is a cheerleader and is dating the captain of the football team, but what happens when he also falls for his boyfriend's best friend. Art Creds- li_wri_
You Look Prettier In Blue » dreamnotnap by milkjuulpod
You Look Prettier In Blue » dreamn...by alchemy {he/him}
Blue wasn't his favorite until he saw them. Funny how people affect us. »Polyamory!Dream Team« Please do not make nsfw/sexual/inappropriate comments. You will be muted...
Addicted (dreamnotnap) by __NFx__
Addicted (dreamnotnap)by Zee
A tale about three boys that loved each other a bit too much.
Together forever (dreamnotnap/dreamnapfound) by microwave_person
Together forever (dreamnotnap/drea...by microwave_person
sapnap has always been the third wheel in his friendship with dream and george without even realizing. lately though it's come to his attention and he realizes just how...
DreamNotNap Oneshots by DamienDevi1
DreamNotNap Oneshotsby ☽ ᗪ 乇 ᐯ 工 ㄥ ☾
Not only Dreamnotnap also Sapnotfound Dreamnap, And I already have a book for Dnf Go read it
Cute British Boy by TheoneWithalongname
Cute British Boyby Theone Withalongname
This is a story were Dream and Sapnap are dating and they one day go to the new café in town and meet a British worker. What happens when the couple fall in love with th...
(●♡~Abandoned~♡●) by St0opid_r4t
(●♡~Abandoned~♡●)by Rat attack
Sapnap was bothering George about wanting to go explore an abandoned laboratory but did George really want to go? No. No he did not. But did he go anyway for his best fr...
dsmp oneshots by smolguy_tolguy
dsmp oneshotsby smolguy_tolguy
dsmp oneshots and stuff! there'll be a lot of fluff and a little angst, but probably no smut for now. i'd love requests; i needa know what people want- the artwork isnt...
MCYT smutshots by urmomsbitchboyy
MCYT smutshotsby Bitch Boy
!! I WILL PUT A TW BEFORE EVERY CHAPTER THATS DIFFERS DEPENDING ON THE CONTENTS!! Some good old smuts for y'all horn dogs out there (dw i'm a horn dog too lol) I'm open...
Dreamnotnap/Karlnapity Oneshots by Faded_Star04
Dreamnotnap/Karlnapity Oneshotsby Faded_Star
Some DNN and Karlnapity one shots! All fluff, no smut. ( I do not own the title art! I do not know who drew it, so if you do please let me know so I can give them the pr...
Your names taste good on my tongue-Dreamnotnap by SlayEveryday1335
Your names taste good on my tongue...by Raccoon-online name
<3-When George an Sapnap stumble upon on a cute guy playing his guitar,it may just be a challenge for the previously monogamous couple to hold back from expressing th...
flipping the coin / ao3  by puppydr3
flipping the coin / ao3 by ˗ˋ puppy boy dr3 ˊ˗
Sapnap questions if a rumor about himself is actually true. Or, in which Sapnap gets lonely and accidentally horny texts the groupchat. votes + comments fuel me! i am al...
Don't Let Go Of Me by meandmyfantasy
Don't Let Go Of Meby Rainmirror
Dream has problems. Of course he has, but beside his fucked mind, what is he supposed to do when all of the sudden feelings bloom inside him? Feelings he clearly wasn't...
Dsmp Oneshots 😰🤞 by claywashere_
Dsmp Oneshots 😰🤞by clay
Will contain •dnf •dn(dreamnap) •dnn(dreamnotnap) •requests •snf •karlnap •quacknap •karlnapity I'm sorry, I will not write skephalo smut. LEAVE. REQUESTS. NOW.