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Friends with Benefits  by BigGeek9000
Friends with Benefits by BigGeek9000
its alllllllll Smut every chapter. it's not oneshot it's a full story to so have fun. the last chapt is not a smut
Green Dream x Corpse [COMPLETED!!!]  by DreamWasABlob
Green Dream x Corpse [COMPLETED...by Dream
Idea by- @May19617 and @UwUjeffthekiller I made this because I saw there aren't a single Corpse x Dream fanfics and I also wanted to see how many people would actually l...
Slow Process  by BigGeek9000
Slow Process by BigGeek9000
Corpse and Dream know each other, but do they really. Once Dream stays at Corpse place the slow process of getting to know each other, have a crush on each other and to...
SURAT CINTA UNTUK SUAMI Wahai kamu, suamiku kelak. Bimbinglah aku dalam Iman Gusti. Bimbinglah aku dalam menuju Ridlo Nya bersamamu. Ayomilah aku sebagaimana kau me...
𝑨𝒎𝒊𝒄𝒂 𝑴𝒆𝒂 // DreamHusband Oneshot Book by selfyeet
𝑨𝒎𝒊𝒄𝒂 𝑴𝒆𝒂 // DreamHusband...by ☭
DreamHusband Oneshot book, since there's no DreamHusband stories here, we gotta feed the hungry y'all 😤‼️ !REQUESTS OPEN!
So Stupid for Being So Late. (A DreamHusband Angst) by strawberry_tii
So Stupid for Being So Late. (A Dr...by strawberry_tii
Edgy angst of Dream x Corpse because yeah Keep in mind I don't actually ship them, they're just characters here, don't take it too seriously. Thank you.
Wanderlust (A DreamHusband Fanfic) by strawberry_tii
Wanderlust (A DreamHusband Fanfic)by strawberry_tii
Winter lights shine, they sat next to each other, tree barks stained with wet snow. Oh, how they admired each other.
Oneshots (none are mine) by BigGeek9000
Oneshots (none are mine)by BigGeek9000
Hello, this is an area full of Corpse x Dream oneshots. All you see here is from "Archives of our own" or Ao3, so that means none of these are mine; in ever ch...
Birthday by KpopApop_Community
Birthdayby Aniako Chi💖
it's my birthday! Finally, I can celebrate it with my friends! but what if they don't remember it? BTS x Aniako (me)
Death walks the Valley by BigGeek9000
Death walks the Valleyby BigGeek9000
He can't feel, taste, smell, or even dream; dosen't need to sleep, drink, eat, or touch. why do something when you can't. emotions, he doesn't have any, he was cursed to...
Loser Love (A DreamHusband Angst) by strawberry_tii
Loser Love (A DreamHusband Angst)by strawberry_tii
Corpse knows, Dream knows. But Dream is scared, because he still loves him.
dream centric cause I'm lonely and projecting el oh el by 3amclay
dream centric cause I'm lonely and...by WJEJWJWJWJW
----- no smut! all drabbles :) do not ship cc's seriously, ty.