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Sleepy Buddies by Irellafish
Sleepy Buddiesby Irrelevant Fish
The Sleepy Boys are known throughout the city of L'Manburg for their crimes. Each has a skillset that varies from the others, making them some of the most infamous crim...
Dream Smp Incorrect Quotes by ImgayTvT
Dream Smp Incorrect Quotesby ImgayTvT
Look I got alot of ideas for this and I'm quite bored Ships included : Dreamnoblade Dreamnap Dreamnotfound Dreamillumina Dundy Dreambur Some Skephalo ----------- Befor...
The Fallen God      | Re-make | by MariajashaauralouAxa
The Fallen God | Re-make |by Mariajashaauralou Axalan
Art not mine Art credit to viny_draws On Instagram go follow viny on insta Viny do amazing drawings :D The Fallen God A GhostDré AU Contains CURSING SHIPS YOU MAY NO...
dreambur ||hybrid AU|| by coolielover
dreambur ||hybrid AU||by jace
In a world of humans people with special abilities live in hiding as they are hunted and experimented on. Yet places all over the world are made for hybrids to be thems...
High Enough  by CL3UDS_C4T
High Enough by Cl3ud
After Dream was declared missing for 2 months, Tommy, Phil, Techno and Ghostbur decide to go on a little adventure trip to try and discover where the mystery man has gon...
Dreambur Oneshots by that0ne_w3eb
Dreambur Oneshotsby youjustgotrickrolled
Underrated ship check The title basically says it all no smut there will be lots of fluff and angst probably cliche romance things I DO NOT SHIP THEM IN REAL LIFE JUST T...
Join me • Dreambur (High School Au) || English by tubbeehonest
Join me • Dreambur (High School Au...by Nihachu simp
Wilbur went to a new school after his mother's death, it's been 3 months since that happened and he earned problems because of that.. anxiety, panic, trauma, his father...
Dream x Mcyt   {Fantasy Au} by ImgayTvT
Dream x Mcyt {Fantasy Au}by ImgayTvT
This book is about Dream having to marry a prince from a different kingdom but ends up dating them all I guess but ya.
Falling // Dreambur by Graysmoth
Falling // Dreamburby Gray
After running away for so long you're bound to trip up and fall somewhere along the line who knows what can tip you over, Family, Past experiences, Revenge, Or maybe eve...
Dreambur- (no idea. help) by Palu_12
Dreambur- (no idea. help)by Palu 12
Three kingdoms exist in one world. All three different. Two of them in a never ending war while the other watches... Waiting patiently for it's turn. Three royal family'...
[°•Virtual Worlds•°] || mcyt x dream by Theshippingqween
[°•Virtual Worlds•°] || mcyt x dre...by Theshippingqween
So this is a remake of my first book which was called "warriors cove" I think- I forgot the name of my own book I'm so great- So there will be some changes and...
Dreambur- No Really by Palu_12
Dreambur- No Reallyby Palu 12
No idea. read. just read. I need help The title of book has nothing to do with it. Just asked a friend to give me a stupid name for a book randomly without knowing what...
We Want Him. || DreamSoot Story by sortasimping
We Want Him. || DreamSoot Storyby sortasimping
L'manberg has been defeated, and now decisions are being made. But Dream doesn't want some silly discs- he wants their leader. Lose their general, how will they sustain...
Dream Smutshots by Raylin-Online
Dream Smutshotsby Raylin 💚
I see you, you dirty minded 12 year olds. Lots of tentacles cuz why not. NSFW (Read the first chapter pls.) Cover art artist: unknown Let me know if you know who did it...
| The Villain | by QuestionableAuth0r
| The Villain |by QuestionableAuth0r
Wilbur was supposed to die, yes, that was his plan after he blew up the nation, but... Philza couldn't do it. Wilbur ran off to the cliff the bench sat on, realizing how...
Home Is Where The Heart Resides by HneloThurrr
Home Is Where The Heart Residesby Henlo!
Even if the house was filled with laughter, to Wilbur it has never felt emptier than before. No longer finding comfort in his home with his brothers and father, Wilbur s...
Dreambur Oneshots by SmokeyShadowGlow
Dreambur Oneshotsby Smokey Shadow Glow
I DON'T OWN THE COVER!!!! Also, you can give requests if you want, but I am just finding a way to type stuff. #30 in dreambur (4/29/2021) #5 in dreamxwilbur (4/29/2021...
His Angelic Face by Lost__Mizuki
His Angelic Faceby ◤forgetting_ranboo◢
I suck at doing description so yea- sorry- ☾︎❣︎SilverFlower High was a school filled with hybrids and humans and magic dream was a new kid in SilverFlower he got lost u...
Prince Of The End. by kuropheonix
Prince Of The End.by kuro. pheonix
This is pretty much a joke fanfic, not to be taken seriously at all. But I'll explain it anyway. Dream is a Dragon/Enderman Hybrid and in this MC world there is Magic wh...
He's DEAD - Ghost Dream AU by WeebPatch
He's DEAD - Ghost Dream AUby Simp247
"Who are you?" "Wha- you don't.... remember me?" Dream shakes his head no, "I'm sorry... am I supposed to know you?" ---- "I don't rem...