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the subgoal by dreamstwt
the subgoalby dreamstwt
george needed a new subgoal, and decides to ask chat for any suggestions. that's when they all start spamming something he definitely wouldn't expect.
all for a dare  by dreamstwt
all for a dare by dreamstwt
george gets pressured to go to a party. where he meets clay, his brothers best friend. george gets sucked into a game of truth or dare where someone later starts playing...
Elastic Band - DreamNotFound by lcms05
Elastic Band - DreamNotFoundby leticiaaa
TW//SELF HARM A DreamNotFound fic. This is all purely fiction :) George's mind is all messed up. He sinking; further and further into a pit of self destruction. Every da...
Dream and George by lolaagcpv
Dream and Georgeby lolaagcpv
[CONTAINS SMUT] Dream and George love each other. period. like thats it. idk how to explain it u jus gotta read it lmfao anyways enjoy if u do end up reading it:) ALSO...
My Brother's Best Friend (DreamNotFound) by awakeat427
My Brother's Best Friend (DreamNot...by jenny <3
"I don't think I've seen it," George says in his honey sounding voice... But I was too busy relishing the words that had caressed the lips of the brunette boy...
All in my head - dreamnotfound by heyy_lovee3
All in my head - dreamnotfoundby whisper
George finally gets to meet Dream irl only to be met with unexpected feelings that caught him off guard. (I'm not ruining the plot hehe, but expect it to be shocking.) T...
bloodthirsty - dreamnotfound by stxrry_m0on
bloodthirsty - dreamnotfoundby starry✨
When Prince George finally turned 18, he had the permission to leave his palace after being trapped inside forever. But his freedom doesn't last long when he gets kidnap...
dnf short stories :) by corinneandrus
dnf short stories :)by Corinne Andrus
I wanted to make cute little one scene dnf stories, so I am going to put them here. I am not the best writer but this community inspired me, so I'm gonna give it a try :...
See You Again // DNF by bruhcoolbeans
See You Again // DNFby author one & two :]
George, being one of three princes, always stood out. He didn't exactly fit the social standards of being a prince. Clay was a normal commoner who had a craving for adve...
Face to Face | DreamNotFound  by georgesdesire
Face to Face | DreamNotFound by whore for dnf
George finally builds up the courage to visit dreams prison cell. He faces what he's been avoiding. He gets trapped in the prison cell, and is forced to talk everything...
The Boy Outside the Kingdom (DNF) by tinkbunny
The Boy Outside the Kingdom (DNF)by tink
"You know." George said. "I've been wondering..." "Why I keep the mask on?" Dream finished his sentence. "Well actually, I was gonna...
broken by dnfqrt
brokenby lara
a story where george hides his true self from his friends, constantly reminded of his troubles. or a story where dream helps george pick up the pieces of his life and pu...
Summer in Florida by raeisunavailable
Summer in Floridaby raeisunavailable
THE FANART USED FOR THE COVER WAS NOT MADE BY ME I FOUND IT ON GOOGLE SO CREDIT TO WHO MADE IT! {George, Dream and Sapnap had known each other for years but have never...
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Perfect Timing {Gream AU} by DrugInnit_
Perfect Timing {Gream AU}by DrugInnit_
It's Junior year when we're introduced to George Davidson, a transfer student from England. He transferred to Florida after his parents passed away in a car accident one...
You're My Weakness || Dnf by Enoxia9
You're My Weakness || Dnfby Monica🏃‍♀️
George is a pretty british boy who just moved to florida and isn't scared to dress femenine. He decides to join a random volleyball team, because that was always his fav...
blue | dnf  by moon545
blue | dnf by m
Dream tries to find a song to distract himself from his feelings, he stumbles upon: BLUE by Troye Sivan But the lyrics only bring him back, George starts to take over h...
Dreamnotfound Kissing (sfw) by Welstars
Dreamnotfound Kissing (sfw)by step bro jeff
This are some of the first oneshots ive ever wrote! :] Basically I first wrote this on ao3 and its still up there and now Im gonna paste it here on Wattpad. Reminder: It...
decisions (dream/georgexreader) by dreampissbabygirl
decisions (dream/georgexreader)by dreampissbabygirl
this story is about y/n, nicks (sapnaps) younger sister. dream and george come to visit for a couple of weeks... maybe more, you have to find out.
drowning | dnf  by moon545
drowning | dnf by m
Dream and George are childhood best friends when suddenly Dream stops talking to George. George doesn't understand why and is left alone just when he needs someone the m...
Neko - Catboy Georgenotfound (DNF) by paddles_
Neko - Catboy Georgenotfound (DNF)by e
lmao as if anyone is gonna see this: forget I ever said that ^ THANK YOU FOR 20K OH MY GOODNESS George is part cat. It's how he always has been. Due to the bullying he e...