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Bleach one-shots (requests are open) by _Noboru_Ryotokan
Bleach one-shots (requests are ope...by ryotokan noborū
Here I will write any requests here are some guidelines The following I will write about- - p much any bleach character -fluff -angst -fluff angst -Au's you might have...
ikigai|bnha chatfic by hxneybunx
ikigai|bnha chatficby honey ✧˖*°࿐
Description ikigai (n.) a reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning The sooner you begin searching for your hidden ikigai, the sooner you will disco...
I hide a thousands feelings behind a pretty little face,but deep down it's melting so weak and weary! It cries,screams and wanders in the forest of darkness hopping to l...
Lucy Heartfilia X Male reader (Warning: Contains Lemons) by FanFicPro332
Lucy Heartfilia X Male reader (War...by FanFicPro332
You moved into a new city and you were greeted with Lucy Heartfilia of the fairy tail guild, together, you two have an unspeakable magic.
How can I love a Genie? GENIE X READER by KayleighSweetie
How can I love a Genie? GENIE X RE...by .~DekuScrub~.
GENIE X READER STORY! I AM DONE WITH PEOPLE WRITING ALADDIN X READER! I mean, wtf man?!?!? My bb needs some love, too! I'm not saying that the Aladdin fanfics r bad. I l...
Hetalia x reader : chatroom  by belarussia
Hetalia x reader : chatroom by belarussia
This is a chatroom which you the reader are part of the story enjoy Ps: I don't own the pictures , hetalia or you but I do own the chatroom
This shady bitch...(Bakugo x Cubby!Reader) (Discontinued for now) by PepeWentzIII
This shady bitch...(Bakugo x Cubby...by Dead account
Y/n l/n is a rather odd girl. With a lack of social skills, dark humor, witty sarcasm yet not understanding sarcasm, and a massive love for dogs, she's not like everyone...
Touch. || Hyakkimaru x Reader || by melodichii
Touch. || Hyakkimaru x Reader ||by ☼ᵐᵉˡᵒᵈⁱᶜʰⁱⁱ
"Don't touch him! Have you not taken enough away!?" "Why do you stand to protect that demon!?Your a traitor." "Traitor or not, you've taken more...
Uglydolls Lou x reader Oneshots  by Evie_is_Magical
Uglydolls Lou x reader Oneshots by Evie
These are pretty popular and I like these so I decided to make one myself because why not? Please no hate this is my first time writing anything on Wattpad and first ti...
Black butler ship suggestions?! by blackbutlerships101
Black butler ship suggestions?!by blackbutlerships101
It can be ____x reader or just a Yaoi or anything almost so give meh your suggestion and I will make it quick but it will take sometime Cause I'm one hell of a shipper;)
The Dreaded Hour by Indoraptor101
The Dreaded Hourby Indoraptor101
As the group went up the volcano in order, they come across a few obstacles, would they be able to get past them, or would the army fall to obstacles?
Not No Princess Anymore by monkey180
Not No Princess Anymoreby That one guy Aiden
So you are mad at your mom for making you transfer from lobelia academy and in spite you cut off all your hair dye it a ginger red and vow to stop being her little perfe...
That Dreaded Notebook by SamanthaHebert8
That Dreaded Notebookby Sam I Am
Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Notebook'? That's the one with Noah and Ally, right? Oh, you mean the one your boyfriend won't watch with you because it's "too g...
Why I'm broken  by VoodooBrokenGirl
Why I'm broken by VoodooBrokenGirl
This story is a personal one I'll upload when I can ~ Unfinished Left in cliffhanger most days ❤️🖤❣️
My World {Dan X Reader}  by Judas_DB
My World {Dan X Reader} by Judas
"Dan?" Alice asked turning her head to Dan "Hm?" Dan questioned "What am I to you?" Alice asked. Dan rubbed his palms together thinking...
Bestfriends With A Dreaded Love (Jacquees Love Story) by Glockianna_
Bestfriends With A Dreaded Love (J...by Glockieeee
Kyri Clifton is the most quietest easy going girl you could ever meet. She may be shy and soft spoken but sometimes she has the attitude of a tiger. She and Jacquees hav...
The dreaded world  by LeviBliss
The dreaded world by Levi The hunter Bliss
This story is about no other than the world but not just it is a world but it's not controlled by people it's controlled by robots zombies and many other things
Putting Up With HIM || BEN DROWNED x Reader by _Sacariah_
Putting Up With HIM || BEN DROWNED...by Mar
Your An, (age) girl, that just recently moved to (Street Address) You move to your brand new (School Name) and end up having a small problem, You rarely get bullied, but...