Sweet Neko: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom by MidnightNinja27
Sweet Neko: a Harry X Voldemort|Tomby The Narrator
AU: Tom is the richest and most lusted over man in England and Hadrian is his cute submissive Neko mate. I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a...
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The Lion and the Snake (Dramione Hogwarts reunion) by dramione4life2006
The Lion and the Snake (Dramione H...by dramione4life2006
Hermione Granger has not been seen on the Wizarding World for almost 10 years until she shows up at Hogwarts. How will Hermione's old friends react to her new lifestyle...
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In Your Arms {harry potter and twilight} by stellaevehahn
In Your Arms {harry potter and twi...by Stella Eve
Hermione's cousin Bella lives in Forks, and when Hermione and Draco go to visit them, she is shocked to find out her cousin and her family are vampires.
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◣ PLATINUM INSTAGRAM ◥by little peach
Mówisz o złotym trio. Mówisz o srebrnym trio. Mówisz o brązowym trio. Zapominasz skarbie, że oni są po prostu platynowym pokoleniem. | start publikacji: 1 listopada...
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The Wrath of The Zabini Twins... by Badass_Girl92
The Wrath of The Zabini Twins...by Slytherin's Badgirl
Hermione isn't a Granger, does it really surprise you? The title didn't give it away did it? Well, throughout this story Hermione realises the glory which she's been mis...
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Everlasting Time (Dramione) by never_ending_writing
Everlasting Time (Dramione)by Rachel Cox
Hermione Granger is set a seamlessly impossible task by Dumbledore to change not only the future but also the past. Will she be able to save the boy who had no choice? ...
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Veelas, Tutors, and Other Distractions by hermialennox
Veelas, Tutors, and Other Distract...by Hermia Lennox
Draco is a veela and Hermione is his mate, but neither of them knows it yet. They're Head Boy and Girl of their 8th Year. Will there be a convergence of Slytherin and Gr...
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Harry Potter Instagram by brokenkiingdoms
Harry Potter Instagramby --infernhoe
Hogwarts but with Wi-Fi Pairings(Some of these aren't canon and if you don't like them then don't read the book👌) -Dramione (Draco x Hermione) -Nuna (Neville x Luna) -B...
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Hogwarts Royalty by Dramione4Life713
Hogwarts Royaltyby Slytherin Spy
Hermione has a secret. Draco is trying to learn. Hogwarts is a popularity contest and the ones on top are considered Royalty. There is a student paper. There is drama. S...
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I'd rather be with you/Dramione by ravenclaw4princess
I'd rather be with you/Dramioneby La.principessa.corvonero.
'Per un giorno, anche un solo giorno, avrei voluto essere come quel trio che aveva salvato Hogwarts dalla mia gente, volevo amare e sentirmi amato' Cosa succederebbe se...
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Go Back. by _drxmionx_
Go Back.by _drxmionx_
"What if the one person you need, is the same person you cannot speak to when you need them the most?" - Nikita Gill 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠�...
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Granger Family Reunion (Dramione) by PinkPaige12
Granger Family Reunion (Dramione)by Paige Bedell
Hermione has not seen her family in 9 years. She goes when her parents run out of excuses.
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Unexpected turn of events ❤❤❤ by slythery_gryffindor
Unexpected turn of events ❤❤❤by slythery_gryffindor
❤What happens when Hermione comes back to London after seven years...? ❤What happens when Draco meets Hermione after seven years..?
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Dramione Instagram by dramioneathogwarts
Dramione Instagramby Reina Blackwell
Instagram but just DRAMIONE (; Dramione posts and stuff ok. Enjoy
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Inheritance by Narsissa_malfoy19
Inheritanceby Narsissa
I don't by so means one Harry potter of i did it would be Harry and voldie. Ginny and Hermione and so on. Love, Narsissa
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HIstoria de un Amor by lizzymalfoyg
HIstoria de un Amorby lizzymalfoyg
Hermione decide expresar todo lo que sintió y siente por Draco mediante un relato de su romance, todo esto como una forma de drenar todo lo que le pasa por el compromiso...
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Rose: Dramione by BiancaEvans2
Rose: Dramioneby LegolasG5*
This a Dramione story, based on a couple Snamione stories I've read. Hermione has been turn ed into a female dog (bitch). When she feels like it is her time to die. No o...
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Harry Potter With No Voldemort (one shots + y/n view) by fanficqueen1203
Harry Potter With No Voldemort (on...by Charlie The gamer
What if Merope Gaunt (voldie's mom) never slipped Tom Riddle Sr (voldie's dad) a love potion? Well, that's why i'm making this fanfic! request are open!
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Interesting  Reunion by BubblyH2o
Interesting Reunionby Hillary Noice
Hermione and Ginny disappeared after finishing 8th year. Happy with their husbands, children, and friends the two are content. What happens when the headmistress of Hogw...
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