Sex lessons from Draco Malfoy (Unedited) by Always_a_slytherin
Sex lessons from Draco Malfoy (Une...by Mia
This is the unedited version, there is an edited one on my profile, which is still underway. I'm keeping the unedited version on a separate book so my readers can still...
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The Marriage Law -- Dramione by _Justa_fangirl_
The Marriage Law -- Dramioneby _Justa_fangirl_
{Here's another Dramione Marriage Law fanfic to add to your large collection.} After the War, the golden trio, along with your other favorite characters return to Ho...
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soulmates | dramione [✓] by irwinq
soulmates | dramione [✓]by irwinq
"We're soulmates." Draco said as soon as Hermione opened the door. "That's rather straight-forward, don't you think, Malfoy?" -=- Draco Malfoy; 19...
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The Baby Project by ashcravo
The Baby Projectby Ash
*Harry Potter Fan-Fiction* *Highest Ranking: 1st in #Parents and 2nd in #Hermione* ^AHHHHH Everyone is back for their Seventh year at Hogwarts, and there is a new class...
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Healing the Heart (Dramione) by WanderingCamel
Healing the Heart (Dramione)by WanderingCamel
Two years after the War, Hermione is working at St. Mungo's as a Healer when the Director of the Hospital asks her to take their newest Healer, Draco Malfoy, under her w...
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Arranged Love |Dramione Fanfiction| by Concealyourfeelings
Arranged Love |Dramione Fanfiction|by ☆Olga☆
Highest rank - #17 in Fanfiction After the ending of the war, the wizarding community is struggling to get back to the way it was. Many people have died, and those in t...
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Make Him Pay by _heyitzkat
Make Him Payby ♔ ♕ kat ♕♔
Ron only gave three reasons for breaking up with Hermione. She's boring. She's not romantic. She doesn't dress up for him, and that ticks him off. ...
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A Crazy Little Thing - Dramione by salty_mermaid
A Crazy Little Thing - Dramioneby salty_mermaid
"I know you're skirting around the subject again, Draco, so you might as well just say what you want to say." He looked up at me then, a barely readable expres...
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Falling for you ✘ Draco & Hermione by opalcitys
Falling for you ✘ Draco & Hermioneby Opalcitys
"If she went, that was it. Everyone would know." #1 in dracoandhermione - 12.01.19 This Fanfiction is set in the seventh and final year of Hogwarts. PLEASE no...
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Broken by CharliEmAlO
Brokenby Charli
Ten years have passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy is a single father, raising his son after the death of his wife. Hermione & Ron Weasley have just finali...
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She's Mine -- Dramione by _Justa_fangirl_
She's Mine -- Dramioneby _Justa_fangirl_
I glared at the lifeless body of Weasel, "Back off Weasel, she's mine." --- Takes place after the war. Everyone in Hogwarts (Students, teachers, etc.) are sti...
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Prophecies- a Dramione Fanfiction by QueenofReaders124
Prophecies- a Dramione Fanfictionby QueenofReaders124
It's two years after the war so when a certain "Seer" makes a prophecy that changes everyone's lives, in particular a bunch of 20 year olds, some people are no...
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Winners Keepers - Dramione || ✓ by AegisXyston
Winners Keepers - Dramione || ✓by AegisXyston
*COMPLETE* CRAZY and COMPLICATED. That's what Hermione's life becomes when, after a heated argument with the Slytherins, Ron impulsively bets away Hermione for the Quid...
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My Daughter (Dramione) by wantinghemmings
My Daughter (Dramione)by Max 🐧
The untold past leads to the chaos of the present. Draco Malfoy promised the young brunette witch to ask the ultimate question after she comes back overseas, but a fa...
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Hermione Riddle, the Dark Lady by MidnightHerondale
Hermione Riddle, the Dark Ladyby Midnight
Everyone remembers that one, terrible night where Cedric Diggory was murdered and Voldemort returned? That night, someone watched in the shadows. What happened before an...
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Secret Malfoy - Dramione fanfiction by THGHPforever14
Secret Malfoy - Dramione fanfictionby Emma
Eighteen years ago, Hermione Granger caught her boyfriend Ronald Weasley cheating on her. She vanished from the wizarding world, or so everyone thought. Now she's back...
  • dramione
Darker than Voldemort by Bookworm_Malfoy
Darker than Voldemortby Bookworm_Malfoy
There's a secret about Voldemort. He has a daughter that was taken away from him. There was a rumor that the baby died. There were other rumors about the baby had been k...
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 [Draco and Hermione] Catch Me When I Fall by lillieAngel
[Draco and Hermione] Catch Me Whe...by Dramione-lover-4life
When Ron breaks up with Hermione 5 years after the war has ended. A chance run in with Draco Malfoy will change everything. Can Hermione trust him? Can she love him?
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Mr maybe ~EDITING V. SLOWLY~ by DramioneFeels141
Mr maybe ~EDITING V. SLOWLY~by JoonieMoonie
When Hermione Granger is hit by a love potion and falls for Draco Malfoy, chaos ensues. But what if he slowly falls for her? What about when the potion wears off? -AU fic
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The marriage law (a Dramione fanfiction) by toutoulimitouli
The marriage law (a Dramione fanfi...by toutoulimitouli
One year after the war all students from Hogwarts are sent a letter to redo their previous year. The thing that they don't know is that a marriage law is going to change...
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