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The Adventure of Lil' Aoba by WritingForAoba
The Adventure of Lil' Aobaby WritingForAoba
Aoba has suddenly become small and reverted back to himself as he was back at the orphanage. How will Aoba react to his new surrounding? How will others react to this un...
Another World, Another Time. {discontinued} by elnshx
Another World, Another Time. {disc...by :))
"Might as well have some fun while we're still here~"
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, Lemons, X Reader, X OC [REQUESTS CLOSED] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, Lemo...by asuka_lynnbrown
So all the handsome men from Dramatical Murder, Togainu no chi, Sweet Pool, and Lamento Beyond the Void. Have told me to make some one-shots, fluff for them and for you...
DRAMAtical Murder Works by RokuyaNagi_i7
DRAMAtical Murder Worksby Rokuya Nagi
A collection of DRAMAtical Murder fan fictions. If you know something about DRAMAtical Murder that I don't, and it would be significant if I knew then please, by all mea...
The girl who stole their hearts by Fireprincess499
The girl who stole their heartsby The Fire Princess
Okay so basically this is a story with you and the dramatical murders guys. Yeah all of them! It's mostly because I couldn't decide on one so I thought hey why not all...
DRAMAtical Murder Scenarios & OneShot by AnimeFoxZ
DRAMAtical Murder Scenarios & OneS...by Kenzie FoxZ
I don't own any of the DRAMAtical Murder character
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in Heaven [COMPLETE] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in He...by asuka_lynnbrown
I've read plenty of Seven Minutes in Heaven scenarios and there's not a single one for the whole Nitro+ CHiRAL game series. So I decided to make one! All of the main cha...
anime/manga x reader oneshots by GrellxBasssy
anime/manga x reader oneshotsby GrellxBasssy
these are some of the requests i can take ill do smut fluff and angst please feel free to request Black butler Ouran highschool host club Kakegurui Yuri on ice My hero...
predestined | jace herondale by concupiscentz
predestined | jace herondaleby ♡
he was my escape from all the insanity that surrounded me; things I thought were only legends.
Siren| A Peter Parker Love Story by AshleyDolphin
Siren| A Peter Parker Love Storyby Ashley Dolphin
The Siren. An unidentified killer that's been haunting the Avengers for over a year. Will she be caught? What is she working towards? Who is she working for? Who is she...
IT'S US!❤ by Shefali_Jha
IT'S US!❤by Shefali_Jha
👮‍♀️🤍🤵 Anika: Strange right? The murder happened in Oberoi Mansion buy nobody knows that girl Shivaay: Why the hell are you behind my family? I know they have not don...
on the run from the God of misschief (Loki x reader) by KearaMarvel
on the run from the God of misschi...by Keara
y/n has been a servant in the Palace of Asgard for as long as she can remember, when her bestfriend Tess comes with the idea to run away. they planned everything so what...
 ~❦ Various Anime x Reader Oneshots ❦~ by Virtual_Hug
~❦ Various Anime x Reader Oneshot...by (ಥ﹏ಥ)
Now you can be with your favorite anime boys and girls- all of them Requests are open
Missing  by cowgirl_story_editor
Missing by Lizzy Dock
When Ty comes home with his dads old safety despot box he quickly learns that his fears were right...that he might not even be who he thinks he is? Brad might be worse t...
Lost & Found by PsychoMagi
Lost & Foundby Magi
"We found him...We found him! We're here for you...Aoba!" Set after the events of the Virus and Trip's bad ending. In this timeline, all of the good endings fo...
The Gangster Queen Is a Mafia Heirs  by janzzzeeee
The Gangster Queen Is a Mafia Heir...by Sapphire-22
A woman who is a heartless Queen of a Gangster world but she doesn't know her real identity all she knows are all lies.. But. One day ... her gang and she met a group...
Stranded  by DreamNotFound059
Stranded by Dream NotFound
A love story of two best friends who get picked of few people to go on a 6 month trip to discover more planets. Ashley and Mark have been best friend since HighSchool bu...
Love Cord by ChillSqaud
Love Cordby Chill Sqaud
I didn't write this at all or do any of the art. It's just a manga.
The Mafia dairies) by blue_orchids__
The Mafia dairies)by Sky 💙
Gif images Roger is the most dangerous mafia , wants to take away Aenna's dad's company ... Roger and Aenna's mom's sister Rose and her daughter Taniya sets up a plan t...
My Savior isn't a People Person [Noiz × Aoba] by dearelfboy
My Savior isn't a People Person [N...by ✨flexsealinmydickhole✨
🚨🚧trigger warning : abuse and self harm🚧🚨 I felt like rewriting this, so I did. *shrugs*