Mate To The King by kutekittykat8265
Mate To The Kingby Chris Kelly
This is the third book to Mate To The Dragon. Dragons haven't roamed freely for thousands of years, they've been forced to manifest themselves within the mind of a human...
  • mates
  • adventure
  • paranormal
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Elixir's Song  by XerinKnight
Elixir's Song by XerinKnight
Elixir [ih-lik-ser] A magical liquid that can cure illness or extend life Corinne Hudson had always been a loving and obedient daughter but one accident would change he...
  • elixir
  • priestess
  • noble
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Dragon shifters Forbidden Love by Yoongi1007
Dragon shifters Forbidden Loveby Wierd Anime Gurl
Just read to find out... Lol
  • dragons
  • werewolves
  • dragonmate
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Magestic Academy  by cassseyy
Magestic Academy by DEATH MELODY
Lucy manages to escape her Evil uncle and a old man adopt's her. What happens after here grandpa's death and she goes far away for studiying and finds Herself in asgard...
  • teen
  • magic
  • witch
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DRAGON KING by CyborgAlex7
DRAGON KINGby Cyborg Alex
Kyoto is the 3rd son of the 7 sons of the dragon king, each of whom want to have a place by his side. Only one can, so if Kyoto failed this mission another one of the br...
  • sad
  • king
  • fire
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Night Fury by avesknight
Night Furyby avesknight
The Night furys were known to be the most feared and skilled dragons among the vikings and other dragon species. Everyting was peaceful in the beginning but disaster str...
  • vikings
  • toothless
  • dragonstory
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My Darlin' Mate by makaylag7777
My Darlin' Mateby makayla maire garner
"You're more than worth it, to me you are worth the moon and the stars in the sky combined," he says. "How can you say that you don't even know me" ...
  • romance
  • king
  • mature
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Spirited Away by The Light by AmaraAodhfin
Spirited Away by The Lightby .:•*Bangtan Lyfe*•:.
-"She is mine" Hakus fighting stance was rigid. "She is my everything, they both are." His gaze darted around him as he watched the Light brighten wi...
  • yubaba
  • haku
  • hakuxreader
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Hephia Below  by SonasonBright
Hephia Below by SonasonBright
Donny Ferinid and his good friend Tabby always knew that below the continents, there is nothing, that if you go out into the open waters, the ocean will take you and yo...
  • dragon
Calling The Stars by Death_of_Roux_
Calling The Starsby Roux
Lena has never known a home. She has jumped from foster home to foster home ever since her parents left her on the front steps of an orphanage as a baby. She has stood o...
  • modernfairytale
  • teenfiction
  • dragon
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Dragon's Odyssey: Legend of the Tuatha De' by MRLaver
Dragon's Odyssey: Legend of the Tu...by Ransomed.Dragon
The ends justify the means, that's what they kept repeating. Just like the atrocities they committed over and over in their pursuit to master the arcane. Experiment by e...
  • dungeonsanddragons
  • dnd
  • fae
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Nya et Kyubi by NyaetLolita
Nya et Kyubiby NyaetLolita
Nya et Kyubi sont a fairy tail et ils vont vous raconter leur vie
  • fairy
  • dragon
  • tail
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Mokushiroku Doragonkingu by Infinteverse
Mokushiroku Doragonkinguby Supremedragon
The protagonist is Rikuo Nura from Lord Armageddon supreme dragon emperor. However, his powers are different, as well as his past. This is not a crossover fanfic. This i...
  • mokushirokudoragonkingu
  • apocalypse
  • dragon
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The Life Of Luca by jewelove125
The Life Of Lucaby trinity cobb
Luca Devine is many things to people in his life. Some may say always happy, others may say incredibly sarcastic, a lot of them may say hes the stupidest - smart kid you...
  • awesome
  • dragon
  • random
Death Defying  (OHSHC) by Kawaiichaika
Death Defying (OHSHC)by Kawaiichaika
When a young emotionless and broken girl walks into the host club will anyone be able to heal her broken heart? I will not be publishing another chapter till I'm finishe...
  • transfered
  • suicidal
  • ohshc
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Wyrmrot by ssmith314
Wyrmrotby Stephanie Smith
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a... dragon? When scientists brought everyone's favorite fairytale creature to life, people flocked to see them, including Zelda Riss...
  • thriller
  • femaleprotagonist
  • action
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Ask or Dare {Sanders Sides} by Dragon-Witch
Ask or Dare {Sanders Sides}by Shadow
You can ask or dare: Thomas Logan-Logic Patton-Morality Roman-Creativity Virgil-Anxiety Deceit Remy-Sleep Shadow-Fear (me) and Depression. Enjoy.
  • ts
  • fluff
  • dragon-witch
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A Dragon Prophesy by MasterPalpatine
A Dragon Prophesyby Mega Sith Fan
A dragon king's soul, trapped until the prophesy had started being fulfilled.
  • dragon
The Crown and the Flame by reaperofstars
The Crown and the Flameby reaperofstars
Kenna Rys is thirsty for revenge. When her mother was killed and her kingdom was seized, Kenna was exiled to live and train among the monks. Kenna wants to free her peop...
  • dragon
  • fiction
  • choices
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Zodiac Circle by TamunaTsertsvadze
Zodiac Circleby Tamuna Tsertsvadze
In the realm of Zariel, every person can manipulate one of the four elements their zodiac belongs to - Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Tamie Wingfield dreams to become the g...
  • order
  • featured
  • zodiacsigns
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