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Little Lucy by xxcutiebluexx
Little Lucyby xxcutiebluexx
Team Natsu went on a job to capture an evil wizard who turns people into babies. What happens when Lucy turns into a baby during the mission to protect Natsu? Secrets wi...
  • heartfilia
  • fairytail
  • natsudragneel
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Nashi And Luke's Journey [Fairy Tail] [COMPLETED] by Heavenwrites_2
Nashi And Luke's Journey [Fairy Ta...by Fried Chicken™
(Warning! There will be cursing in this book) After a night of heavy drinking and partying, Lucy Heartfilia finds herself in bed with her best friend Natsu Dragneel. Abo...
  • zervis
  • fairy
  • jerza
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Most Wanted! by TheChubbae
Most Wanted!by Chi Rosario
Senior police officer Lucy Heartfilia captures the notorious drug dealer Lyon Vastia. And Zeref, the most wanted criminal, doesn't like it one bit. Zeref ordered Natsu D...
  • nalu
  • romcom
  • crime
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Fairy Tail - Second Generation Wizards by pIanetary
Fairy Tail - Second Generation Wiz...by SUMIA IS MY WIFE
Nashima (Nashi) Dragneel is the daughter of Fairy Tail's greatest team, Natsu and Lucy. She's new to the guild, and is having trouble finding her place. Nashi has to liv...
  • dragneel
  • generation
  • fairy
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Untameable (A Natsu x Reader Fanfiction) by jadeblossom
Untameable (A Natsu x Reader Fanfi...by PreciousGrace05
"Y/N, are you there? I need someone to talk to right now." <><><><><><><><><><><><><...
  • manga
  • readerxcharacter
  • natsu
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Beholden | NaLu | by bleuebellebleue
Beholden | NaLu |by •MiraJane•
Lucy's breath hitched. "You saved mine, so I'll have to save yours. That's just how it works. So, naturally, I can't leave until that happens. I'm beholden to you...
  • dragon
  • gruvia
  • wendy
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Twin Salamanders [Gray X OC] by LovelyAngelLu
Twin Salamanders [Gray X OC]by LovelyAngelLu
I don't own Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail is owned by Hiro Mashima! Please support the official release! Nashi Dragneel is the Twin Sister of Natsu Dragneel. (Also I am a HUG...
  • dragneel
  • natsu
  • sister
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The Revenge of the Dragneels by SunnyDragneel
The Revenge of the Dragneelsby SunnyDragneel
After the guild accidently found out that Natsu is E.N.D. they abandoned him and threated him terribly by bullying him and even beating him. Natsu couldn't do anything...
  • brothers
  • zervis
  • nalu
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Ready? by Jei_Ak
Ready?by Lev
Natsu Dragneel is a 19 year old dragon slayer who has lost his way. He has been violent and hostile to those closest to him, and has a bad habit of getting himself in tr...
  • natsudragneel
  • lucy
  • romance
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Unknown Darkness by spaxced_dxmon
Unknown Darknessby K.nxtsu
What if Natsu was raised by Acnologia and was taught more than dragon slayer Magic? The guild dislikes Natsu for how he acts toward the guild. But what they don't know i...
  • heartfillia
  • cana
  • erzaxnatsu
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Living with Zeref{FAIRY TAIL} by SunsetCatGirl
Living with Zeref{FAIRY TAIL}by Trigger
Team Natsu got a mission that said they have to kill Zeref for 3,000,000 jewl! When they get to Zeref he runs into Natsu's arms and began to cry. Everybody seems confuse...
  • adventure
  • sadnatsu
  • natsuandzeref
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NaLu [ONE SHOTS] by eniiix
NaLu [ONE SHOTS]by huh?
Natsu is a tall, pink haired Fire mage. Lucy is a blonde Stellar mage. Natsu would do anything to keep Lucy safe, the same way she would to him.. This is a book full o...
  • natsuxlucy
  • nalu
  • natsu
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Sting x Reader by HeartBreakerGirl222
Sting x Readerby Alexa
Y/n is a young singer and the sister of Natsu. She was a member of Fairy tail but was never around because of her singing life. But she decided to take a break from it a...
  • fanfiction
  • lucy
  • fairytail
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Ten Days with You by hikari011
Ten Days with Youby hikari
A demon who was saved by a high school girl. A high school girl who was accompanied by a demon. For 10 days, the two will be together. For 10 nights, the two will be sle...
  • natsuxlucy
  • feels
  • fantasy
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Fairy Tail - The Dark Keys (Book 1) - The Celestial Dragon [A NaLu FanFiction] by Infinite_Warrior
Fairy Tail - The Dark Keys (Book 1...by Melodie
It's a normal day in Fairy Tail, as normal as a day in Fairy Tail can get. Yukino, a former Sabertooth member visits Fairy Tail, asking to talk to Lucy Heartifilia. She...
  • jellal
  • happy
  • heartifilia
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âme sœur by stabmeplssatan
âme sœurby Sarah
âme sœur~ noun, meaning soulmate in French. In this world, everything is black and white, only once you find your soulmate do you start seeing things in color. Lucy He...
  • fairytailfanfiction2018
  • blackandwhite
  • colors
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Fairy Tail : Next Generation by weaklingsbeshook
Fairy Tail : Next Generationby weaklingsbeshook
They're the kids of Fairy Tail's finest and they have a lot to live up to. Join the next gen kids as they embark of their own hectic adventures. There will be tears shed...
  • anime
  • next
  • gale
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The Singer & The Bad Boy (NaLu) by 666reddog
The Singer & The Bad Boy (NaLu)by Red of Sloth
Lucy Heartfilla was once a famous singer until her mother died. The only reason she would sing was for her mother as it made her happy. Since she passed Lucy stopped sin...
  • heartfilla
  • natsuxlucy
  • natlu
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The Flames of Friendship (Natsu's Sister Fanfic) by SueDragneel
The Flames of Friendship (Natsu's...by SueDragneel
We all love Natsu Dragneel, the loud-mouthed idiot dragonslayer, but we soon find out that he has a sister! Live the crazy adventures with the odd duo in "The Flame...
  • fairytail
  • natsu
  • dragneel
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