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Dragon Quest XI: Partners Until the End by Khun1996
Dragon Quest XI: Partners Until th...by Khun1996
[Erik x OC!Luminary] A retelling of Dragon Quest XI. When they were thrown into jail cells across from each other, they never expected to be bringing peace among the lan...
Super Smash Bros Ultimate headcanons by ienjoy_frog
Super Smash Bros Ultimate headcano...by Chipss
the title says it all. i don't own super smash bros or any characters included in it. i wont include some games.
DQXI x Reader [Request's OPEN] by BunBun_DQ
DQXI x Reader [Request's OPEN]by Mary
Dragon Quest XI (11) characters x reader I'll make some of my own, but requests are my priority. [ Will not do any other DQ games since I have yet to finish them] [Lemon...
Erik x Luminary (DQXI) by TheElbowhofSauron
Erik x Luminary (DQXI)by LankyRat
I DONT OWN ANY CHARACTERS OR ARTWORK!! The luminary is named Eleven (you can make it somthing else if you REALLY want to. An Erik x Luminary fanfic bc there isn't enoug...
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
This fanfiction takes place after Calasmos is defeated when all of the characters are invited to a festival which is held at Heliodor Castle to celebrate their triumph i...
Funny DQXI short stories  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Funny DQXI short stories by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
I am going to be posting. Separate funny short stories.....😂
The Heros Lovers by TheMaskedWriter420
The Heros Loversby Masky
The hero's of Erdrea have found there matches for them, will they love each other or will they break up and hate each other after!
Dragon Quest Xi Oneshots by Cherriboi_Kakyoin
Dragon Quest Xi Oneshotsby Oonga Boonga
I don't see like any dragon quest stories anywhere, so I'm making one. So, probably expect mainly x readers and maybe some character ships. But I update this as I feel l...
Dragon Quest XI: A story retold by sof05050795
Dragon Quest XI: A story retoldby sof05050795
Ellen is just a simple high school teen. That is, until she magically finds herself in her favourite video game and realizes that she is now the Luminary. Will her knowl...
The Luminary and The Princess by Cora_Stone
The Luminary and The Princessby Coriiii
For all the Jade Fans out there😉
♦⌈Some stuff I made⌋♦ by crescentmoonzz
♦⌈Some stuff I made⌋♦by ✦ KAIJUMI (Semi-ia)
⇒ JHgf- I don't know what to put on this dead ass account so uh, made an art book! ♠THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN ♠ ⇒ KNY art ⇒ OC art ⇒ BFB art ⇒ YGO art ⇒ Designs ⇒ DQXI ⇒...
Dragon Quest Xi : The Death Queen  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Dragon Quest Xi : The Death Queen by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
"Ahhhh!" The luminary cries as he falls to the ground. Is the luminary really dead? How? Will his friends try to help him come back to life? Will they take rev...
Campfire Observations - Dragon Quest XI Fanfiction by TheShatteredRose
Campfire Observations - Dragon Que...by Rose
{Eleven/Erik} Sylvando musing about a certain pair of darling boys by the campfire.