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melancholy memories || poetry  by howaboutyesplease
melancholy memories || poetry by 🍂
in which the downfall of a girl's mental health is documented through a series of poems
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Saviors Of My Downfall - TMNT Love Story by elliexlmighty
Saviors Of My Downfall - TMNT Ellie
Alexa's life has plummeted. Her mom has died in a car accident and she knows she could've done something to prevent it from happening. Since her mom never married, Alexa...
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But You're Beautiful to me (Frerard) by IsyeArmstrong
But You're Beautiful to me ( Sweet Damn
Gerard Way meets a new guy in his school, and tries to guide him for the first few days. Of course, it all spirals downhill (and uphill!) from there.
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That Night -wolfstar by awesome-panda27T
That Night -wolfstarby Awesome Panda
just read this story its short, i thought it was cute to write. wish i could hear their stories straight from their mouths and me sitting next to them but reality hits y...
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Downfall [H.S AU] by KillerFireproofQueen
Downfall [H.S AU]by Axy
I saw him at his rise when gems roamed around his eloquence and eventually, at his downfall when there was nothing left but us.
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🗡️Skyfall♕ by KatelynNash
🗡️Skyfall♕by Katelyn Nash
Thirteen years ago, Prince Kian Vienna's family was brutally murdered. The crown was stolen by a dark and cruel king from across the sea. Now twenty one years old, Kian...
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The Down Fall by kristen_ivey101
The Down Fallby Kristen
My friends and I thought we were gonna be friends forever. We partied and we had fun, we thought it was cool to live off of the streets of Seattle. The friend group was...
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The Downfall by JanaHemdan9
The Downfallby Jana Hemdan
It's been five years since the Werewolf King fell, his heirs lost. The Vampires have claimed ownership over the Werewolf affairs, causing riots and revolts to sprout in...
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The Baby Of Jonah Marais(ON HOLD) by KaitlinJarvis
The Baby Of Jonah Marais(ON HOLD)by Käįtłīñ Jårvîš
(ON HOLD) Jonah had been dating, Cianna or CeCe as everyone calls her, one day CeCe finds out she is pregnant and doesn't know how to tell Jonah, but she does and his...
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The Dawn of the Elites by SmileeLuv
The Dawn of the Elitesby Adrianna
Lois Lane is dead. In his grief, Superman has fallen from super hero and protector of Earth to super villain. Many have tried and all have failed to end his terrible rei...
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king of fools. by lovduet
king of 压轴
THEY SAY THE RICH LEAVE THE POOR TO BURN, but sometimes having it all is really the malicious way of the universe tearing you apart, cell by cell, atom by atom. It takes...
C O L O R S by ironcurtain53
C O L O R Sby Iron
In the depths of darkness are colors. And beyond those hues and shades are stories never told.
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Eternal Flame by KamiNguyen
Eternal Flameby Kami
She risked everything to become queen. Though born without great beauty, wealth, or title, Anne Boleyn blossomed into a captivating woman. She used her wiles to win the...
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Magia Academy: The Downfall Of The Light And Dark Magians by JamDelight
Magia Academy: The Downfall Of Me is Me
Hindi sa lahat nang oras ay kabutihan ang mananaig So ready for the downfall Downfall of the Magians Downfall of the Gods and Goddess They are coming for a war For ven...
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The Last Redeemer  by Xeah_ferra
The Last Redeemer by RESHii_SnowGray
Power is never been ware It destroys anything It is sweetly rigid It creates chaos And makes us all succumb It is never been good Nor did it became better... In this wor...
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Der Untergang/Downfall ONE-SHOTS  by QueenIcyChelsea
Der Untergang/Downfall ONE-SHOTS by IcyChelsea
The last days before the downfall. The last days written, in Traudl Junge's POV. ----------------- I just wanted to give Downfall at least some Wattpad stories, since o...
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Rapture by HerShyBlogs
Raptureby Her Shy Blogs
In a world full of arrogance and greed. Keary Fletcher is the key although she does not know it yet... Can the she carry the burdens of her people? Or will Keary succumb...
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Magic Remote - Moral Atrophy by Babyrc2
Magic Remote - Moral Atrophyby Babyrc2
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The Prison Cell Called Home by MJdarkEmpress
The Prison Cell Called Homeby Michelle Jamaica Ciscar
Ako ay isang bilanggo na matagal ng ninanais ang makalaya sa aking bilangguan. I know that I am not a perfect person but I believe that I deserve happiness I believe tha...
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TRAGEDY by JoremPearlQuidpoan
TRAGEDYby serienne.
This is an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. A play dealing with tragic events and hav...
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