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KaiShin Doujinshi by QiuQiuXiu
KaiShin Doujinshiby Jun Mo Xiao
Kumpulan doujin KaiShin (Kuroba Kaito x Kudo Shinichi) dengan berbagai genre yang jelas BUKAN buatan Kyuu, cuma sekadar menge-share :') Warning : R18, yaoi, dll Disclaim...
  • doujinshi
  • detectiveconan
  • doujin
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Haikyuu Photo Collection by KaiToshik1
Haikyuu Photo Collectionby KaiToshiki
Just a tons of Haikyuu photos. ©Credit to all the artist! I don't own any photos! Highest rank: #1 OiIwa #2 Doujin #1 Atsumu #4 KuroTsuki
  • hinata
  • aobajohsai
  • bokuaka
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Facts in the ZUN of Prosperity: A Touhou Facts Book by PKGZTREADS
Facts in the ZUN of Prosperity: Red ∀stray
Touhou facts, mostly deriving from games and other type of media. Fact number 1: Touhou is created and owned by ZUN. Fact number 2: Touhou is created and owned by Team S...
  • zun
  • touhouproject
  • facts
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Free!DJ (MaMa ❤ TOMo)(S2 of Tanetuke) by PM8835
Free!DJ (MaMa ❤ TOMo)(S2 of Dream
Mako x Haru,Sou x Rin Makoto ႏွင္​့ Haruka,Sousuke ႏွင္​့ Rin တ္ို႔အျပင္​ Rin ႏွင္​့ Haruka အပိုင္​းလဲနည္​းနည္​းပါပါမယ္​ Warning:Contain 18+ Mature content Myanmar Trans...
  • doujin
  • 18
  • translation
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カト ザ・電気女の子 (Kat The Electrical Girl) Volume 1 by IvanMoua
カト ザ・電気女の子 (Kat The Electrical Ivan Moua
It about a young 18 years old girl named Kat Izumi that been living alone all by herself when her family died then everything start going crazy, In a peacefully city, th...
  • action
  • volume
  • ownmadestory
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The perfect gift little doujin by kisarablueyes
The perfect gift little doujinby Kisarablueyes
A little doujin draw by me :) English only
  • love
  • uraraka
  • drawing
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Sweet Metronome [TodoDeku] by Tododoki_doki
Sweet Metronome [TodoDeku]by Doujin Master
Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya とどろきしょと x みどりやいずく ENGLISH CREDIT Original Doujinshi by Zeroshiki (Kabosu) 日本語資格情報 零式 (かぼす)によってオリジナルの同人誌
  • sweetmetronome
  • tododeku
  • fluff
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Dimelo by doblednocturna
Dimeloby dobleD
Sasuke va a casa de Sakura como es costumbre para su curación y revisión de cuando vuelve de las misiones, pero la chica siguen siendo un flor tímida cuando el Uchiha es...
  • uchiha
  • comic
  • español
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You Lie That Time | NicoMaki by redbloodtomato
You Lie That Time | NicoMakiby ☆レイ清☆09
Nishikino Maki is the 1st year student at Otonokizaka and she comes from a wealthy family of doctors and is somewhat pressured to become a doctor like her parents, which...
  • honokakousaka
  • yuri
  • angst
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Confessions of a Fujoshi - {Yaoi, Doujinshi's, Reviews, and more} by momolizous
Confessions of a Fujoshi - { gone
I just felt the need to do this. This is not a book though. I just want to share my confessions on some awesome Yaoi goodness and doujins. Of course other things too...
  • animeboys
  • animefangirl
  • boyxboy
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Romeo and Cinderella by thecrystalassassin11
Romeo and Cinderellaby 潮田渚
Nagisa loves a boy named Karma.Karma also loves a girl named Nagisa! (Story based off from Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku)
  • doujin
  • hentai
  • rubinekarma
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Anime Icons by ChiakisNanami
Anime Iconsby Dee
Anime profile pictures and gifs catered just for you!
  • icons
  • oneshot
  • fanfiction
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The Mystery Of Otonokizaka by redbloodtomato
The Mystery Of Otonokizakaby ☆レイ清☆09
Some students are saying that the Otonokizaka High school was something only in every night, as well as chairman. The students said something suspicious about the music...
  • nicoyazawa
  • nozomitoujo
  • drama
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Doujin ¤ Kaisui Pearl ¤ by Lylisanji
Doujin ¤ Kaisui Pearl ¤by Lylisanji
Synopsis: Sanji est dans un état très sérieux et Zoro est là pour s'occuper de lui car il crache beaucoup de sang et est sur le point de mourir et il y a quelqu'un que s...
  • pearl
  • doujinshi
  • zosan
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In Denial (Shizaya) by bananarama909
In Denial (Shizaya)by bananarama909
When Shizuo gets close to killing Izaya, he realizes that he can't. But why? What are these new feelings Shizuo is having for the flea he so hated? Bear in mind that thi...
  • durarara
  • yaoi
  • drrr
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Dibujos random Katsudeku-Tododeku by cheesecakewpizza
Dibujos random Katsudeku-Tododekuby cheese pizza
Les compato mis dibujos Katsudeku - tododeku
  • tododeku
  • cover
  • commissions
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Scarlet Sisters by WaifuLayfie
Scarlet Sistersby Kyui
This story is a complete fan made story of the anime/game "Touhou" Don't worry i will only base the characters, not the story because i'll try to make a comple...
  • manga
  • fictionalcharacter
  • craycray
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My Diary by gerita
My Diaryby gerita
I think my username is enough information. I'm a fangirl. For those of you who don't know what gerita is, then... *A* le gasp! Anyways, this is just everyday in my life...
  • owl
  • doujin
  • usher
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Daphne Descends (saint Seiya) by Roseredhoney
Daphne Descends (saint Seiya)by Roseredhoney
Post Hadès et post résurrection. Les Golds saint viennent juste de revenir à la vie et doivent retrouver un monde dévasté et des vies laissées de coté pendant des années...
  • colère
  • camilo
  • yaoi
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