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The dork and the bully by Black__Cherrie
The dork and the bullyby Kîttÿ
Double D felt something hit the back of his head. He turned around, seeing Kevin, Tyler and Ethan sitting on top of a lunch table; "Hey double dork!" He redhea...
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My bully... by Germany-chan254
My Germany-chan254
This is a Rev!KevEdd. Kevin has been bullied by Edd and his friends for so long. What will happen when Edd asks him out and he says yes? What will Edd's friends think?
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BLOOM (KEVEDD) by Heartbrokenbitch
BLOOM (KEVEDD)by smol 🐢 Laurens
Edd is tired of being a little without a daddy, what will he do when the school bully Kevin turns out to be perfect daddy material? Ddlb Kevedd
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I Love You by ThePainInShips
I Love Youby ThePainInShips
Kevin has had strange feelings for Edd for quite some time now. He doesn't know how to explain it but he knows what he wants and that's Edd and he will do anything to ke...
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Kevedd: Who do I choose? by cge0001
Kevedd: Who do I choose?by cge0001
How would you feel like if there were others are liking you, but most of them are guys and your a guy as well. Is this right? What do I do? Who do I choose? crappy descr...
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