Doru the hybrid (sesshomaru love story) by dorudragon-wolfy1
Doru the hybrid (sesshomaru love dorudragon-wolfy1
Hi I'm back it seems like that my other account password didn't work for my phone so I decided to make this book for all the fans who love inuyasha but there is a littl...
  • shippo
  • inuyasha
  • kagome
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Running doru (Sesshomaru Love story) by dorudragon-wolfy1
Running doru (Sesshomaru Love dorudragon-wolfy1
I was abused for 5 years by my Father. He refused to feed me care, nor love. He would constantly beat when I got home as I was left half dead. He would have his whip in...
  • kaede
  • inuyasha
  • kagome
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a werewolf and vampire's fate (sesshomaru love) by dorudragon-wolfy1
a werewolf and vampire's fate ( dorudragon-wolfy1
its me again but I'm the last werewolf dragon vampire alive and alone. I'm not those werewolf that change under full moons. I turn on my own at anytime of the day. when...
  • sesshomaru
  • hunters
  • shippo
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Sold to Lord Sesshomaru by dorudragon-wolfy1
Sold to Lord Sesshomaruby dorudragon-wolfy1
When doru find out that she was sold to a Demon Lord. Everyone in Doruga pack and no one cared for her. Awhile later she was sold to a demon aka lord fluffy. Will Doru f...
  • rin
  • kirara
  • shippo
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doru and defalt does prank call to the inuyasha cast by dorudragon-wolfy1
doru and defalt does prank call dorudragon-wolfy1
lol people im making prank calls to the inuyasha series and tell me how it goes.
  • desharu
  • rin
  • inuyahsa
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