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Dorian gray- The buyer by Royalblueaddie
Dorian gray- The buyerby Adëlaíde Le fou
Dorian pov' I've been toss around in this painting for years. I'm not sure how long it has been. I've seen the people of London dressed in different clothing over the y...
Tales From The Oddity Den by thecharacterqueen
Tales From The Oddity Denby Sarah Demens
A compilation dedicated to the monstrous happenings of ones such as Dr. Jekyll, Dorian Gray, Larry Talbot, Dr. Frankenstein, PT Barnum as they face the various creatures...
The Picture of Extraordinary Romance (Frerard) by emomessiah
The Picture of Extraordinary lesbian witch
Gee Agnes Way is a queer non-binary starving artist exhibiting in New York City with their gay gang from art school. Gee has fallen hopelessly in love with Frank Iero, a...
A Perfect Match by GoldSwantheTenth
A Perfect Matchby E. GoldSwan X
When Dorian returned to London from his faraway travels, you instantly caught his eye. But you were engaged and had no intentions of leaving your fiancé, though he could...
Monster's Inside us by elizasmart15
Monster's Inside usby Eliza Smart
Dorian - the year 1859 is one that not many who were alive then will ever forget. forged from the anger of the people to the temptations of the flesh, those of us who su...
The Limits of Pleasure by Misanthropy66
The Limits of Pleasureby Misanthropy66
Dorian Gray isn't dead. AU of course. Then again, it really isn't him anymore.
O Retrato de Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde by TrizeJill
O Retrato de Dorian Gray - Oscar Triz e Jill
Neste livro, o belo jovem Dorian Gray, o protagonista, torna-se modelo para uma pintura do artista Basil Hallward. O pintor apresenta Dorian ao Lorde Henry Wotton, que o...
The Butler Of Dorian Gray by Simply1hellofashippr
The Butler Of Dorian Grayby The Forgotten Clue
London's biggest mystery since Jack The Ripper; Aristocrat Dorian Gray. When a young man moves to London England on the edge of the Victorian Era, nobody expects him to...
My Dark Adonis (On Hold) by Irene-H
My Dark Adonis (On Hold)by Irene 🍒
I said my name was Daisy, so he said that I can call him Gatsby. Then he was Dorian Gray and I was his Sibyl. At the end, he was My Dark Adonis but I couldn't recogni...
13 Lovers  by aliciabaconortiz45
13 Lovers by alicia ortiz
A story between: Zayn Malik Liam Payne Justin Bieber Azazel Riptide (aka Janos Quested) Bill weasley Thomas Sharpe Adam Loki Loufeyson Bucky Barnes Rose(my oc character...
Dark Objects by letmelivetonight
Dark Objectsby Jada🌻
❝Your secret is a painting?❞ I took a few cautious steps; the hairs on my arms stood on end. ❝Not just any painting.❞ Dorian approached the easel, shadows on his face as...
Peculiar Prose by Sibyl_Harker
Peculiar Proseby Sibyl Harker
An ongoing series of poems.
"The Host in the Attic" by Rohan Quine is a hologram of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", digitised and reframed in cinematic style, set in...
Oscar and Lobster  by milo_cestmir
Oscar and Lobster by milo čestmír
This is a story about the 19th century homosexual writer Oscar Wilde and his tales with his pet lobster because, as quoted, "they are less annoying than dogs"...
The Curious Portrait of Renzo Cortez by DVBeltran
The Curious Portrait of Renzo Dan
Renzo Cortez is ninety-seven years old, he's a millennial reaching the end of life. He lives in a quiet neighborhood, of an overlooked city in California. His neighbor...
The Picture of Dorian Grey  by agustinamia8
The Picture of Dorian Grey by agustinamia8
no tiene nada que ver con 50 sombras de grey la historia se situa en la epoca de la reina victoria y esta en ingles