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The Ghost Of Dorian Gray. by ThoseCrazyCousins
The Ghost Of Dorian KaileeIsTopaz
In the old house of a Mr. Dorian Gray, a little girl (that's me!), walked into it. I soon realize the Mr. Gray hasn't exactly left the building.
Would you do it? - Dorian Gray x reader by megan02xo
Would you do it? - Dorian Gray x Missfangirlxo
Maybe true love just wasn't made for either of them, but when they find each other, they seem to find themselves. Only one issue, family grudges are a bitch.
Dorian Gray's True Love by StarWeasl18
Dorian Gray's True Loveby StarWeasl18
I was a young child when I first met Dorian but I knew he was different from the way he acted like father but then things happened that made it impossible to understand...
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꧁ Lady Gray ꧂ •{Dorian Gray}• by peachypeace-
꧁ Lady Gray ꧂ •{Dorian Gray}•by phia!
" Love will almost always find a way, to either wreck your life or amend it, or possibly even both" rankings #1 in doriangray #1 in doriangray #2 in doriang...
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Random One Shots (Making Corrections) by CailanDarling
Random One Shots (Making NotCatlin
The title pretty much sums it up. Most of the one shots will be the reader (you) and a character either from a game, TV show, movie, anime, book character, etc. I do NOT...
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The Immortal and the Monsters of the Dark by 7Bookworm23246
The Immortal and the Monsters of 7Bookworm23246
What if there was a reason Dorian Gray sided with the Fantom? This is a Dorian Gray fanfic please enjoy.
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Dark Objects by letmelivetonight
Dark Objectsby Jada🌻
❝Your secret is a painting?❞ I took a few cautious steps; the hairs on my arms stood on end. ❝Not just any painting.❞ Dorian approached the easel, shadows on his face as...
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He thought he was the only one who knew. He was wrong. Dorian Gray had a dark secrect he thought that no one knew about. But that was not exactly true for there was some...
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Penny Dreadful by themermaidgirl101
Penny Dreadfulby Just Another Nobody
In the process of creating a wife for his first monster, Victor Frankenstein creates a woman who he falls madly in love with. A portrait is his greatest possession, it'...
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the wilde eyes of dorian gray: an interpretation by lapescacontusa
the wilde eyes of dorian gray: hj
instead of writing a paper, i turned the entirely of oscar wilde's "the picture of dorian gray" into black out poetry. and here it is, in the typed varient. ...
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The Butler Of Dorian Gray by Simply1hellofashippr
The Butler Of Dorian Grayby The Forgotten Clue
London's biggest mystery since Jack The Ripper; Aristocrat Dorian Gray. When a young man moves to London England on the edge of the Victorian Era, nobody expects him to...
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A Perfect Match by GoldSwantheTenth
A Perfect Matchby E. GoldSwan X
When Dorian returned to London from his faraway travels, you instantly caught his eye. But you were engaged and had no intentions of leaving your fiancé, though he could...
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El Retrato de Dorian Gray by AbbyWarrior7896
El Retrato de Dorian Grayby Albby Warrior
Basil Hallward es un artista que queda enormemente impresionado por la belleza estética de un joven llamado Dorian Gray y comienza a admirarlo. Basil pinta un retrato de...
The Limits of Pleasure by Misanthropy66
The Limits of Pleasureby Misanthropy66
Dorian Gray isn't dead. AU of course. Then again, it really isn't him anymore.
Meeting by KalixStellmir
Meetingby Pied_Piper
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O Retrato de Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde by TrizeJill
O Retrato de Dorian Gray - Oscar Triz e Jill
Neste livro, o belo jovem Dorian Gray, o protagonista, torna-se modelo para uma pintura do artista Basil Hallward. O pintor apresenta Dorian ao Lorde Henry Wotton, que o...
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Sinner by KalixStellmir
Sinnerby Pied_Piper
"Just wanted to try what was living after I stabbed myself."
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Oscar and Lobster  by milo_cestmir
Oscar and Lobster by milo čestmír
This is a story about the 19th century homosexual writer Oscar Wilde and his tales with his pet lobster because, as quoted, "they are less annoying than dogs"...
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Tales From The Oddity Den by thecharacterqueen
Tales From The Oddity Denby thecharacterqueen
A compilation of various tales of monsters and peculiarity. Notable stories include Stranger Things, Universal Monsters, Gravity Falls, X-Files, Addams Family, The Munst...
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The Curious Portrait of Renzo Cortez by DVBeltran
The Curious Portrait of Renzo Dan
Renzo Cortez is ninety-seven years old, he's a millennial reaching the end of life. He lives in a quiet neighborhood, of an overlooked city in California. His neighbor...
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