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Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. On a Lost Planet#Wattys2016 by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. Christie
Clone Sergeant Mako and his men end up crashed onto a planet the galaxy has forgotten about, until now. As they seek a way off this planet they must encounter danger, Se...
  • space
  • missinginaction
  • grievous
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My Clone Wars: Season 8 - Learning to Live by Sparkplug02
My Clone Wars: Season 8 - Sparkplug02
With no allegiance to the Jedi or the Republic, Ahsoka Tano is learning how to live on her own. She has to start from the bottom and work up, but she may learn more abou...
  • anakin
  • ptsd
  • barissoffee
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Ahsoka: Grave Danger by AhsokaTanoJedi
Ahsoka: Grave Dangerby AhsokaTanoJedi
What would have happened if Ahsoka found out about Palpatines plan before it happened? What if Ahsoka found out about Barris' plan before she was framed? What will happe...
  • kix
  • ahsoka
  • ahsokatano
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Basically, this is a book where I will write some Star Wars The Clone Wars Texts. Brace yourselves. This is going to be crazy. I DO NOT OWN ANY ASPECT OF STAR WARS THE C...
  • yay
  • anakinskywalker
  • starwarstheclonewars
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My Clone Wars: Season 7 - Blurred Sides by Sparkplug02
My Clone Wars: Season 7 - Sparkplug02
Anakin Skywalker could never forget his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, but the Jedi Order will waste no time mourning the loss of the ex-padawan. With a new enemy threatening...
  • countdooku
  • anakin
  • chosenone
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Rhapsody Of Stars by marshmallowfudgecake
Rhapsody Of Starsby Charlotte :)
Jocelyn is a star bestowed consciousness - plucked from the furthest reach of space and elevated to the status of near-god. Her powers, unrivalled by even the immortals...
  • empire
  • firstorder
  • palpatine
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Darth Maul Trilogy Book Three: Warrior by Storm-Shadows7
Darth Maul Trilogy Book Three: Captain Kiri Storm
Part Three of a Trilogy It all comes down to this... Darth Maul has survived more than he rightfully should. He's escaped his masters not twice, but three times. He's be...
  • mandalorian
  • sidious
  • savageoppress
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Darth Maul Trilogy Book One: Pirate (#JustWriteIt) by Storm-Shadows7
Darth Maul Trilogy Book One: Captain Kiri Storm
Part One of a Trilogy His life so far has been hell. Cut in two. Left to starve. Abandoned by his master. Snatched up by the one who left him. Abandoned again, this time...
  • star-wars
  • theclonewars
  • jedi
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Kids in the Dark by Cooljoanna16
Kids in the Darkby CoolJoanna19
Something strange has happened in the Force in the middle of the clone war. Obi-wan has been de-aged in the middle of the Clone War. Need I say more. Now he is left in a...
  • jediorder
  • clones
  • yoda
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The Arendelle War {A Crossover Battle Event} by nataliejessierodgers
The Arendelle War {A Crossover nataliejessierodgers
Queen Elsa thought her kingdom was finally at peace after the eternal winter, but that peace was not as long as she hoped. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles and the Duke...
  • dooku
  • elsa
  • meridadunbroch
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The Queen Her Fell For a Jedi by AlphaMidnight07
The Queen Her Fell For a Jediby Nunya bissness
My name is Leah Atkins, I fell for this jedi when We Were younge. Now my planet Is Under attack and He with his Old Padawan has come to protect me And My little sister t...
  • qweenxjedi
  • jedicouncil
  • starwars
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Star Wars Texts by ArafinweCarnesir
Star Wars Textsby Hi! I'm Hans
You've heard of The Clean Avengers text, and Inside out texts, but what about Star Wars Texts, huh?
  • macé
  • obiwan
  • luke
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Darth Rhel by AlphaMidnight07
Darth Rhelby Nunya bissness
Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order partly angry at the Council.Dooku kidnaps her then brings her to Mother Towsin The Witch.She turns Ahsoka Dark with the help of Mortis.Will...
  • luminara
  • jedi
  • bonteri
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The Truth by AlphaMidnight07
The Truthby Nunya bissness
During Ahsokas trial Dooku interrupted it say "Its not the poor girl I hired somemone" and Padme was as happy as she could be. What happens when she is asked b...
  • jedi
  • ahsoka
  • obi-wan
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Analysis by SapphireAlena
Star Wars: The Clone Wars S. A. McCaffrey
The Emmy Award Winning, breakthrough animated series analyzed by episode. This series develops Anakin Skywalker's character between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of t...
  • clonewars
  • sidious
  • dooku
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The Darker Side: Musings of the Master by damienbl29
The Darker Side: Musings of the Damien Benoit-Ledoux
Emperor Palpatine's spies discovered Darth Vader's personal journal (The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster) hidden away in private databanks onboard his flagship Super St...
  • grievous
  • clone
  • palpatine
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The last padawan{ untold Star Wars story}(on hold) by tay112tay1
The last padawan{ untold Star Taylor
There once was a girl who's parents were killed by bounty hunters and she was given to the dark side. Her father a Jedi from unknown origins and her mother a witch from...
  • padme
  • padawan
  • anakin
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Star Wars: Daughter of The General by OfTruthAndPassion
Star Wars: Daughter of The Generalby OfTruthAndPassion
When the daughter of the General within the Separatist finally takes action during the war a conflict rises between her father and the Republic's actions of capturing he...
  • caring
  • generalgrievious
  • adventure
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Roleplay by Padawan_Offee
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Roleplayby Barriss Offee
This is a roleplay set during the Clone Wars TV series. It is set before Ahsoka leaves the Order and Barriss bombs the Temple.
  • palpatine
  • roleplay
  • anakin
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