How you met the turtles 2016 TwoShot TMNT by JarOfFangirl
How you met the turtles 2016 JarOfFanGirl🎐
And NO you dont meet them by getting almost beat up in an ally.. Cern had created a Portal that went A-wall sending YOu a normal girl to the turtles dimension. A dream...
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❤Oneshot RaphaelXReader 2016❤  by JarOfFangirl
❤Oneshot RaphaelXReader 2016❤ by JarOfFanGirl🎐
Raphxreader 2016 A drunken night, confession, contemplation, and at the end lust.
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Faded lights (donatello X reader) by Mcg333
Faded lights (donatello X reader)by Mc Prime
*disclaimer* this is one of my first X reader so don't expect it to be much
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