Dick Pics; New and Improved by Yingen
Dick Pics; New and Improvedby LEONARDO DECAFERIO
Thought you could get rid of me? I'm back shishters! Welcome to Dick pics new and improved; here we will cover everything from bullshit that exists in the wonderful worl...
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Covered In Vines | | R.A.B by Aya_the_bagel
Covered In Vines | | R.A.Bby •aya•
Hogwarts is about to get a little bit more chaotic. Where Lily Evans has a twin sister who got expelled from two different magical schools. *** A bit cliche? Probably...
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Kpop Opinions by 5683lovekpop
Kpop Opinionsby kpoplove5683
just my opinions on different things kpop started: July 17, 2018
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My Random Life by Pargash_Dayington
My Random Lifeby Pargash_Dayington
This is just all the insane randomness of my life I want to post, so be prepared for some REALLY weird things. Also, I'm Steven Universe trash so expect some SU stuff in...
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NYAH (Pkrussl Oneshot) by Snickering0
NYAH (Pkrussl Oneshot)by Snicker-Kitty
Notice me Parker senpai
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Shrek x Trump by heaterlovesbands
Shrek x Trumpby crack fics 😔👌
kill me now, why'd I write this
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Ayy I got tagged  by sadlittlekilljoy12
Ayy I got tagged by Emma 👻
I hope I'm doing this right
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How to Raise Your Self Esteem 101 by briixnee
How to Raise Your Self Esteem 101by .::Ray::.
Is your self esteem lower than your grades? Yes? Well then, sorry to hear about that... uhm, READ THIS BOOK! Started: 9/8/18
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The Alpha Saved Me by xodditie
The Alpha Saved Meby that bitch
I WROTE THIS STORY IN 2016! SO DONT EXPECT MUCH Eve ran away from home at 11 with not a penny to her name and her husky Scooter. Now she's 21, homeless, broke, skinny a...
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waiden by rayziehl
waidenby the big sad
amber wanted me to upload this
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The Lemon by ShuuMaiko1102
The Lemonby Shuū Maiko
Exactly what you expect
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A Horrible Book With Tons Of Cliches And Meme References by lalaworm
A Horrible Book With Tons Of ._.
Meet Kardashianna. She Is A Good Girl. She Is A Nerd. She Hates BadBoy Weed. She Bumps Into Weed... Literally. Meet Weed. Every Girl, Boy, Teacher, Janitor, Child, Adult...
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Ships and shet,,- by archersenpai
Ships and shet,,-by H E CK,,
Warning// This book was made as a joke, and will stay as a joke It also has some uh,, weird content warning is over bye if you're feeling suicidal, you've come to the r...
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Why SOME People Don't Give a Shit What You Say by Dead_Inside_105
Why SOME People Don't Give a Dead Inside
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shit i find funny by RECCCtangle
shit i find funnyby Lil Skeety
It's offensive
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Things my head thinks of: Kpop edition  by felixings
Things my head thinks of: Kpop Sugahowugetsofly
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Sasuke's Sister by YeahKayda
Sasuke's Sisterby Kana Hatake
hi i'm sasuko uchiha, as u may have guess i'm an emo duckbutt like my twin brother and I have the super cool sharingan and rinnegan and i'm the jinchuriki of the one-tai...
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