Kpop Opinions by 5683lovekpop
Kpop Opinionsby kpoplove5683
just my opinions on different things kpop started: July 17, 2018
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The Alpha Saved Me by xodditie
The Alpha Saved Meby that bitch
I WROTE THIS STORY IN 2016! SO DONT EXPECT MUCH Eve ran away from home at 11 with not a penny to her name and her husky Scooter. Now she's 21, homeless, broke, skinny a...
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Z U C C E D (mark zuckerberg x reader) by lashiruu
Z U C C E D (mark zuckerberg x kill me
this will either cure your depression or make you want to die even more (smut warning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
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Shrek x Trump by heaterlovesbands
Shrek x Trumpby crack fics 😔👌
kill me now, why'd I write this
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NYAH (Pkrussl Oneshot) by Snickering0
NYAH (Pkrussl Oneshot)by Snicker-Kitty
Notice me Parker senpai
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cum for me mochi by onajiyoru
cum for me mochiby 尼娜
big ゲイ hahadsdcdd
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How To Be A Yandere (Safer Version) by magic1234567
How To Be A Yandere (Safer Version)by magic1234567
Okay. Here's the guide on being a Yandere.Now if you're a young girl or boy that wants to be a yandere and not be in trouble, This is the book for you. Don't forget to...
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kpop ships to know and that I like.... by YoItSyAbOiSmALlPeNiS
kpop ships to know and that I MyHoLyHoUSeHolD
hello I'm shui I like kpop and many ships its my first story I'm sorry if its bad but I thought I would fine other shippers out ther BUT PLEASE DO REMEMBER THEY ARE HUMA...
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Oof by fourcents
Oofby suicidemission
It's hard to survive in the everyday life of Oof. Growing less and less popular by the day
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Kpop Rankings by 5683lovekpop
Kpop Rankingsby kpoplove5683
if ur sensitive... then !maybe this isn't the book for u my personal opinions
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Best Kpop Smut ever by JiminsCrustyToenails
Best Kpop Smut everby hyuna's bitch
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You're Weird, I like it! by Ally_Sato
You're Weird, I like it!by ALLY SATO
Aries had alway been weird. Some might even call her crazy. But one thing concluded those thoughts. What did she do when she saw someone being murdered in an alleyway? S...
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Ships and shet,,- by archersenpai
Ships and shet,,-by H E CK,,
Warning// This book was made as a joke, and will stay as a joke It also has some uh,, weird content warning is over bye if you're feeling suicidal, you've come to the r...
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Alcoholics Anonymous by Eternally_Bored
Alcoholics Anonymousby TJ
So you recognise that you have a problem (whether it's real or otherwise). Good job. A lot of people don't get that far. The official text matter in the chapters will si...
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THE ROCK by GreetingsTraveler
THE ROCKby GreetingsTraveler
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Ask/Dare Swaplust Frisk! by SwaplustFrisk
Ask/Dare Swaplust Frisk!by Swaplust Frisk
Ask or dare me to do almost anything! Even go on a date with Underlust!Sans. Wait why am I giving you ideas....?
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My Random Life by Leafeon123456
My Random Lifeby Leafeon123456
This is just all the insane randomness of my life I want to post, so be prepared for some REALLY weird things. Also, I'm Steven Universe trash so expect some SU stuff in...
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Nendo x Reader One Shots (READ DESC) by pougle
Nendo x Reader One Shots (READ pouglebeans.
written by kris. (three people share this account but this story's mine) (This kinda won't make sense if you haven't watched The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.) This book u...
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Info of me/ forced tags by Imbroketh
Info of me/ forced tagsby SUICIDAL SØCIØPATH
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