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the moon - wormwood x wx78 by anx13ty_r1dd3n
the moon - wormwood x wx78by anx13ty_r1dd3n
When your in the Constant, you can't be picky on who your surviving with. This is an unfortunate thing for our maniacal robot friend, WX-78, who has a pure hatred for ba...
Too Close for Comfort by grandpas_lil_squirt
Too Close for Comfortby ¡!Lucas!¡
Hey guys! I'm back at you with another fanfiction, but this time it isn't Rick and Morty. This fanfiction is for my favorite ship in DON'T STARVE!!! As you know because...
Webber and others starve together. by doggysruler
Webber and others starve Doggysruler
No I do not expect you to read all that. | v So, this is my first time writing a story for FUN. So if it starts out terrible thats why, this is a mostly PG writing and s...
Freedom at Last (Maxwell x Reader) by StarryScorm
Freedom at Last (Maxwell x Reader)by 𝕎𝕣𝕖𝕟
After a long, treacherous journey you and your only companion, Wilson, come across a dark throne. upon that throne sits the man behind this hellish world, Maxwell. After...
Fact and Fantasy (Wilson x Reader) by HeadphonesAndAPen
Fact and Fantasy (Wilson x Reader)by HeadphonesAndAPen
You grew up knowing about fae folk. You knew not to step in their rings. You knew not to make deals with them. And yet you did. The question is, do you regret it? A slow...
Don't starve creepy pasta by Jikyru
Don't starve creepy pastaby Jikyru
You download a strange mod for your game don't starve... And then Stuff gets weird...
Don't Starve Characters React To... by BrainBlister
Don't Starve Characters React Martin
Don't Starve Characters x Reader story You and them reacting to various scenarios You may request scenarios
Shadows in my Mind (A Don't Starve Fan-fic) by HeraBrine
Shadows in my Mind (A Don't Hera
This amazing cover was created by @LlynWildr !
The West Woods by powderedsugarfrost
The West Woodsby Sugar Frost
Woodie has never experienced the red hotness of a blush upon his cheeks at the sight of another human being before, and he thought he never would after being dragged int...
Starving isn't so bad when you aren't alone (Don't Starve fanfiction) by Nightmarereader512
Starving isn't so bad when you TheReaperOfGodsAbove
A story of a gentleman scientist finding a new hope and purpose in life after such a long time in solitude. What will happen when he finds out he isn't all alone? What h...
Don't Starve Wilson Percival Higgsbury X Reader by serpentinejellyfish
Don't Starve Wilson Percival Cheshire (Chess) Gibbs
When you, a university student with a love of all things occult and weird, are whisked away from what you called home, you can't help but worry. Things are not working o...
Don't starve X Reader Oneshots by TrashyVE
Don't starve X Reader Oneshotsby TrashyVE
---Requests are currently Open!--- ~Say pal, you don't look so good. You should find something to eat before night comes.~ You like the don't starve universe? You li...
Trapped in your web of love webber x reader by puppeteermarionette
Trapped in your web of love Puppeteer Marionette
Maxwell sends you to some place with your four friends Wilson, Wendy, Willow, and your best friend Webber. You guys split up into groups one day and something happens be...
Indie Heroes by Fearfanfic
Indie Heroesby FearFanfic
The Devil, king of Hell, is dead. Killed after his horn was torn clean off his head. His 7 sons, the 7 deadly sins, have a vendetta on the indie's that killed him. ESPEC...
Not alone anymore by HeyoKameyo
Not alone anymoreby HeyoKameyo
Webber was lonely. In the camp, Wilba was favoured over him, so nobody cared about him, thus leaving the little spider Boy lonely and sad. Until someone new arrived...
The Scientist's Partner - Wilson x Reader [Don't Starve] by notmydivisionn
The Scientist's Partner - Wilson Ironslut
Maxwell was getting tired of just Wilson. The puppeteer decided to lure an unsuspecting Y/N into his little game. Through getting what she desired, Y/N was pulled into a...
Don't Starve: Wilson X Wes Fantiction by RattyPalico2
Don't Starve: Wilson X Wes RattyPalico2
I can't get this ridiculous ship out of my head!!!! I got inspired after reading a comic about the two. Ill try to put in some links to the art and comics when i can, th...
Hunger And Heartbreak - A Don't Starve Love Story (Wilson X Reader X Maxwell) by SpawnofDeath
Hunger And Heartbreak - A Don't Death's lil' girl
Two men. Two hearts. One strange, new world. But what will you choose? Logic? Or magic? In this story the reader will occasionally use swear words so don't like don't re...
[OLD] When there's a Wilson,there is a way.(Wilson x Reader) by Star_Gazer901
[OLD] When there's a Wilson, 🅂🅃🄰🅁🄶🄰🅉🄴🅁
[THIS STORY WILL NO LONGER BE CONTINUED] Hey this is my first story and since there isn't a lot of these I decided to make one.Enjoy!