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ANXIETY // BILLIE EILISH // angelboyyu
"God your eyes are so beautiful it actually hurts me to look at them because I know at some point I will have to look away," she snaps her attention over to me...
obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl) by slutforeilish
obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl)by dragmedowntohell
billie put her thumb on my chin and closed her eyes. i see where this is going. book about luna's sudden obsession with billie eilish. an album and a concert later, obse...
Billie Smut by oofitsandy
Billie Smutby Daddy Andy
Well fuck who doesn't love imagining Billie Eilish going at it?
Dyke by Lucid_Billie
Dykeby Lucid_Billie
Its average highschool. Relationships, bullies and sex. Nothing matters to y/n apart from grades, but that all changes when Billie enters her life and it's all for the b...
ER by uncrownedbillie
ERby chrissy
"your favorite patient is back."
Don't treat me badly  by Lucid_Billie
Don't treat me badly by Lucid_Billie
COMPLETED Billie has her whole career ahead of her, she has no time for a child, or that's what she thinks. She gets Y/n pregnant before her tour. Finneas and Claudia su...
Under My Skin by Camilahadmelike
Under My Skinby Lola
You promised you wouldn't leave me
Billie Eilish Imagines by EilishCentral
Billie Eilish Imaginesby Blhoesh
this one is for all the amazing Billie stans 😉 achieved #3 in LGBT
everything i wanted ; Billie eilish COMPLETED by cryandcomplain
everything i wanted ; Billie cryandcomplain
Lexi is a small growing photographer who lives in a small town in Virginia. Her life is pretty boring, she barely has any friends and hates her life. But then one day it...
Billie Eilish Imagines by Lucid_Billie
Billie Eilish Imaginesby Lucid_Billie
***Discontinued*** This book includes G!P smut GxG smut Fluff Profanity Mature topics
in love with billie eilish  by brighteilish
in love with billie eilish by billie ♡
you fall in love with billie eilish. but will she fall for you too?
call out my name (billie eilish girl x girl) by augustttwrites
call out my name (billie eilish augustttwrites
Just because you find your soulmate, doesn't mean you can keep them. Read the sequel: "Robbers." achieved: #1 in billie eilish #1 in lesbianromance #2 in gxg #...
What Is It About Them // Billie Eilish by whatfckinever
What Is It About Them // Billie Alex
(GxG) Between the chaos and energy of tour life, as well as the characteristically O'Connell family dynamic, is there something forming between Billie and her tour photo...
Stitches; Billie Eilish (2) by z3r03v3ryth1ng
Stitches; Billie Eilish (2)by zero
Book two of {DREAMS}. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Six steps on how to sew: 1. Unravel and Cut. ✓ 2. Weave. ~ 3. Starting to Sew. 4...
•𝚎𝚌𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚜𝚢 • by refriedbeans11
•𝚎𝚌𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚜𝚢 •by Billie Loves Refried Beans
billie lays on top of me, my arms wrapping around her waist. i can feel billies breathing and i enjoy the feeling. being with her was like ecstasy. i was always in a sta...
Spaces Between Us (✓) by lilbilpeep
Spaces Between Us (✓)by ANTI
#1 in dontsmileatme on 2.25.18 "Don't push me away" i whisper, holding onto her wrist. I was begging at this point. But she was the girl i loved, the girl of m...
i'm a bad bitch |BILLIE EILISH| by wheremehavocados
i'm a bad bitch |BILLIE EILISH|by billiesmyxanny
just another billie fan fic gxg ⚠️trigger warning ⚠️ lower caps intended slow update
gone girl  by uncrownedbillie
gone girl by chrissy
"billie eilish's long time best friend and girlfriend, marley frazier, has gone missing. the o'connell family is currently opening their phone lines to anyone who h...