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Best "Friends" Forever (Frisk X Chara) (Discontinued) by IWantToRead101
Best "Friends" Forever (Frisk X IWantToRead101
Frisk finally got the ending they've always wanted, a happy ending. But it's so strange . . . . It doesn't feel the same anymore . . . Is it because They've done it a...
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Tragedy On Silverdale Road by llmariahleell
Tragedy On Silverdale Roadby mariah lee
Bryson Jones broke Midnight Violet Manchester's heart when he walked away from her on their five year anniversary. She never dated again, never opened her heart to any o...
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Countryhumans Zodiac by Shuichi_Saihaira
Countryhumans Zodiacby Kinky detective
This is CH and a Zodiac , basically what each Country thinks about you , now let's do this....ok I'm gonna add more to this
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You Perverted Baka! (Fem Naruto X Kakashi) by Alonleynobody
You Perverted Baka! (Fem Naruto Bitch
don't judge me okay I love this ship so don't! and yes Naruto is a girl and 12 Kakashi is 19 because I forgot his age and I really don't care about his age like I said...
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His Secret  by Roxxy_Is_Gay
His Secret by Roxxy_Is_Gay
What if Deku had a horrible childhood and was apart of a gang? This is that what if. This is that Universe
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Dealing with the Golden Boy. by HamSkillet
Dealing with the Golden HANNAH
Shes quiet because she knows if she opens her mouth her entire life story will spill out. He's loud, because he knows that's what everyone else expects. But when he op...
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The Waitress [Grillby X Reader] [SLOW UPDATES] by FrenchPokingOtaku
The Waitress [Grillby X Reader] [ ♡StillPoking♡
This is a Grillby x Reader I wanted to make for awhile now
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'Normal' With No Strings Attached. (NAJ Ink x Error) by HackerBlu
'Normal' With No Strings HackerBlu
Warning. Triggers such as abuse, bullying, and others are in this story. Edit: I am aware that Error's blush is actually blue but I'm too lazy to change it. It will be b...
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Pyrocynical x Reader ( trash) by InsertUnoriginality
Pyrocynical x Reader ( trash)by billy scranner
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Werewolf Pack Names by celestia-starlight
Werewolf Pack Namesby xxx.
The title says it all.
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BNHA meets Villain BNHA by TeaCent
BNHA meets Villain BNHAby Spill_The_Tea
Where are we? Who are you? Why dont we have some FUN while were here? __________________________________ Class 1-A and more meets the less villainess versions of LOV. Ho...
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ask or dare the countryhumans(Slow-Updates) by Reyna_Ng_Hugot
ask or dare the countryhumans( 👌FlASeHoOd_MEmEs👌
Some of the art is mine some are not Too lazy to fix any old spelling mistakes lol Please stop asking for Rusame and other ships that are not in this
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Love Riot(A Newsboys fanfic) by Newsgirlcrazy
Love Riot(A Newsboys fanfic)by It’s ya girl!
I have no clue why I made this. Mya Atkins was a typical Christian girl. She went to church, hung with her friends, and rocked out to music. But her life wasn't always s...
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My dumbass life by Your_local_gayboi
My dumbass lifeby AUSSIEEE
This is just me ranting, telling you about things going on in life, and other stuff like updates and stuff like that
Voldemort's Daughter- Of Two Worlds by ElvishPotterhead
Voldemort's Daughter- Of Two Worldsby ElvishPotterhead
Previously Voldemort's Daughter- Becoming Two This is the totally amazing sequel to Voldemort's Daughter- So It Begins Hermione has returned from Centopia only to find...
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Gene X reader by Sly_Shadow
Gene X readerby 🖤Sasha💔
Don't be surprised if he acts differently from the original series made by Aphmau,A you tuber,Also note that This story will be less active then my other one Sasha X Gen...
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My Autism And Anxiety by Writingmachinedude
My Autism And Anxietyby Roger
I have autism and very bad anxiety. Please don't make fun of me. My anxiety acts up every now and then. Any hate, and you will be reported.
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Tom Holland Imagines by Fallen-Star723
Tom Holland Imaginesby Broken Badass
this is just a bunch of stuff I made up during class..
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Mr. padilla x Mr. Casey  by bdms_fics_
Mr. padilla x Mr. Casey by bdms_fics_
Mark Padilla was the new teacher at BDMS. Mark was putting some thing in his class that day he met Dolan Casey the youngest teacher at the school he was handsome and a g...
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just some things by afroginatrenchcoat
just some thingsby Katie Jackson
I'm just writing poems based on songs I like, please don't take the piss. If you have reccomendations or requests for poems, I might have a look, but no promises.
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