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Smiles Hide Everything by LaurenZsider12
Smiles Hide Everythingby Dammit It's Not Todoroki's Bi...
Marinette gets rejected by Adrien and Chloe starts physically bullying Marinette every day and pretty soon, Marinette gets depressed. Only one person can save her: Chat...
What to NEVER look up on google by salty_serenity
What to NEVER look up on googleby EatMyDick.hhoe
((Completed)) I don't own ANY of these pictures. NEVER under ANY circumstances look up these things! They'll scare you for a whole month, just plain gross you out, and o...
Cloaked Lust (Reader x Damon Salvatore) by raali16_heh
Cloaked Lust (Reader x Damon raali16_heh
SPOILERS ~ READ IF YOU'VE WATCHED AFTER S6+ Y/n Y/l/n moves to Mystic Falls for an untold reason. She is a distant relative of the Gilberts. She is yet to find out a sec...
Bob Ducan x Shrek by itsamentalbreakdown
Bob Ducan x Shrekby Satan
Bob Duncan has been a naughty boi and Shrek will not have it
charms | harry potter thoughts by f4irik
charms | harry potter thoughtsby fairi
my thoughts n opinions on all things harry potter :)
Murder correctly by notknownLou
Murder correctlyby notknownLou
Here you will find some tips and tricks you should know as a killer Don't take this serious, it's just a joke! This is for people who need to do research for their own t...
Verbal Sexual Physical Abuse and Suicide I Will Try To Make A Difference by MissMariaAlatorre
Verbal Sexual Physical Abuse and MissMariaAlatorre
Sometimes It takes a Word or even a Touch to Destroy the trust in Humanity and themselfs but what if a Writer decided to write about it Will it change anything? She sure...
There Will Always Be Someone That Misses You by LittleLilyLord
There Will Always Be Someone Silver Lily
This is dedicated to @GoGoSugaKookies because I know he WAS having a rough time. I want you to know that you're not alone and we will miss you if you leave.
My Big Book of Flirt Tips! by CookieQueen418
My Big Book of Flirt Tips!by The Soap
Flirt tips to help you get that special someone who you've been keeping your eye on, from your favorite crazy author! THE ONE AND ONLY COOKIE QUEEN!!!
Clichés To Avoid | ✔ by potterworld202
Clichés To Avoid | ✔by UNACTIVE ACCOUNT
(Completed) Some clichés that I absolutely HATE!!! Lend me a favour: Avoid these!!!!
100 Ways to Kill Someone With A Spoon by lb_foo_foo
100 Ways to Kill Someone With A lalalalalaaaa
I just have some pent up frustrations so I will provide you with the knowledge of 100 ways to kill people with a spoon. Suggestions always welcome
Don't Open This Book by pastel_colored_life
Don't Open This Bookby ~♪~
Don't read the description.
DON'T DO IT -*- I did not write this, it is just a warning for all you innocent people. Because this shit will take you to hell.
Don't Do It ~ Suicide by NiallandHarryisNarry
Don't Do It ~ Suicideby NiallandHarryisNarry
A poem I wrote for a close friend! ;D Read, comment and vote if you believe there is a different way!
A Reminder by IzabellaCastillo5
A Reminderby Iz:}
This is a text that I found on Instagram that I wanted to share just in case you're going through something and are thinking about ending your life. This helped me come...
She Saved Me (Recontinued) by LunarHornet
She Saved Me (Recontinued)by LunarHornet
This story is dedicated to my closest friends that helped me through my struggles including: Cheyenne Emily Mariela Yep, even you Dominic Now time for da story. I was at...
On the waterfront by 1awsomedragon
On the waterfrontby Wolf321
In the small costal town of Woodbrook five girls Karli Blackmore, Larissa Rippon, Hazel Pisoni, Clare Rusconi, and Carolyn sciortno lived normal lives going to a normal...