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The gender swap.  by NaLu4EverNaLi4Death
The gender swap. by Seulgi Bear 🐻
Shredder captures Mikey and Donnie. Raph and Leo team up to go rescue them but when they get there shredder is waiting. There's a great battle but during the battle Mike...
TCEST one shots by DipperBipper
TCEST one shotsby Reader-Lover-God
Just basically TCEST one shots this will not form a story it's just random things I can think about that is about TCEST. WARNING: yaoi boyxboy sex swearing blood cutting...
Leotello oneshots!  by NatsumiComatose
Leotello oneshots! by Natsumi Comatose
Smut, sex, yaoi (ka-DUH!) i take requests too!^^
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack] by donniesenpai
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack]by ohoho
Hi leotello shippers around the world. 👋 here I show you the sexy, kinky scenes of Leo and donnie. 👀👅... let's start. come with me. Envy written by: Jessica Arney Nig...
Things Change 2: Brains VS Brawn  by BebeGee7
Things Change 2: Brains VS Brawn by Bebe Gee
*Story was adopted. I left the first two parts the way the original author wrote it. I was told I could change the story and add to it. So tell me if you want me to cont...
Tmnt Tcest Oneshots and Requests! by LeoHamato226
Tmnt Tcest Oneshots and Requests!by LeoHamato226
Tmnt tcest oneshots and requests! Request what you want me to write about and I'll do my best! I'll allow any tcest ship and mpreg if you'd like. I'm also going to throw...