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"but you killed them!" "and I would do it again." "you're a psycho!" "only for you." ... This story uses gender neutral pronou...
Darko 2 by Sombience
Darko 2by Stephen Edward
My own shot at a sequel and tribute to Richard Kelly's great work Donnie Darko (not considering S.Darko canon) [Some strong language] [Completed draft] Writer's Note: Ma...
I had a dream where donnie darko and I kissed by ilovetosmokecrack
I had a dream where donnie darko crazy
This is me explaining the dream basically
Donni3 Darko by Sombience
Donni3 Darkoby Stephen Edward
Darko 3. Direct sequel to Darko 2. [Some strong language] [Completed draft]
The Protector by pulisicxlovebot
The Protectorby 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐱🤍
Alex, a 20 year old girl who wanted a simple life away from her rich parents and go to university for higher studies, falls in love with her protector who was assigned b...
Dead ends in my mind{RE-EDITED}{COMPLETED} by SincerelyNirvana
Dead ends in my mind{RE-EDITED}{ Amy Y
Oh oh Forgiving who you are For what you stand to gain Just know that if you hide It doesn't go away When you get out of bed Don't end up stranded Horrified with each st...
The Sleepwalker  by LovelyComforts
The Sleepwalker by LovelyComforts
Anna Boyle was Donnie Darkos childhood friend and his neighbor. She starts to notice him leaving the house every night. Curiosity got the best of her and she started to...
Was it a dream by thecinnamonrose
Was it a dreamby 🥀sara
An encouraging story about a boy who takes the risk and faces his fate no matter what his future has predicted on a dangerous expedition full of surprises, challenges an...
Jake Gyllenhaal X Reader // Summer vacation love? by FrostGiantLoki1
Jake Gyllenhaal X Reader // FrostGiantLoki1
You go to the Sunday in the Park with George play and catch Jake looking at you while performing. Or at least, you think... THIS STORY IS PRETTY MUCH DISCONTINUED FOR NOW
films | shows 🎞 by nostalgiajpg
films | shows 🎞by 🎞🍒
all images are edited by me.
The Elevator by KrystalxJ
The Elevatorby Krystal
An Illusion or Reality? This is the difficult decision Natasha has faced for her whole life. Natasha is an abrasive, rude schizophrenic who moves into a grungy apartment...
Product Of Fear (Frerard) ON HOLD by thedivergentstars
Product Of Fear (Frerard) ON HOLDby L
"I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to." +++ Based off of the movie Donn...
Hail The Boredom by chaosdaughter
Hail The Boredomby Lainey Price
I promised myself not to get too close to those Google searches. I was also insomniac. And all those rules became meaningless anyway.
eating my muffin in the dark by hbookingcom
eating my muffin in the darkby hbookingcom
a poem by me inspired by that one time in the science corridor
Rants and shizzle with a side of Donnie Darko by naomijonesssss
Rants and shizzle with a side of Naomi-Jones
I still don't know why I'm alive:) Also a bunch of rants, songs and movies.
sleepless. by laliisas
#18 ♡
there'll be no rest for the wicked.