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David Dobrik Imagines/Smuts by davids_alex
David Dobrik Imagines/Smutsby David and Alex
So, this is not like a normal fanfic. It's just simple imagines/smuts that I will write into this one book. If you have any ideas for an imagine or smut or anything plea...
Smoulder by XXLilyFlower112XX
Smoulderby X X Lily Flower X X
'So, people think we're dating-' 'Aren't we?' 'Oh my god, Eros, shut up!' Eros Drakos, Instagram star and a member of the Vlog Squad. He was there from the start and wil...
Limelight ➪ Alex Ernst by fadedjustice
Limelight ➪ Alex Ernstby ㉿
🌱 In which a one night stand is anything but unforgettable. [Warning: Contains cursing and sexual references.]
Vlog Squad Boyfriend Scenario by SearraTheFinest
Vlog Squad Boyfriend Scenarioby SearraTheFinest
This is A boyfriend scenario for crying out loud! You can make request and everything, but idk about lemons 🍋. Swearing is on here and so is the fun and jokes! I may do...
Starstruck ★ David Dobrik by dammitdobrik
Starstruck ★ David Dobrikby Phoebe D
"You're just saying that because you don't believe in true love." "No, I'm saying that because I don't believe in happy endings" Charlie Bennet and D...
Backstage // The Vlog Squad by Thrimalia
Backstage // The Vlog Squadby Thrimalia
«Nice pants, can I test the zipper?»
The Vlog Squad: The New Twin Members by queenculture
The Vlog Squad: The New Twin phyrix🔮💙
Andrew and Andrie ( Remeber those characters? Escape the Night Story!! ). Sister and brother of Alex Wassabi and Lazyron ( Andrew is in real life but Andrie isn't, she o...
Love Is A Strong Word by VlogSquadFanPage
Love Is A Strong Wordby VlogSquad
HIGHEST RANKING: #8 IN DOMZEGLAITIS Alex Ernst has got his anger issues (if you watch the vlogs, you know this) And so does Hope. Does that mean they are perfect for ea...
Vlog squad  by ogechi1273
Vlog squad by Ogechi ❤️👌🏽
The vlog squad meet a girl when they were in a college party and discover that she's (nick) Jonahs cousin
Baby °Vlog squad° by AylaMCaat
Baby °Vlog squad°by AylaMCaat
What happens when the "innocent" Layla moves to an apartment complex in LA? Her loud neighbors sure are entertaining.. what will happen?
In this book, anything could happen! See first chapter before requesting!
No Labels by lovedoneslost
No Labelsby Beck Young
Leilani Matthews is nineteen, going to LA to see her boyfriend, Dom Zeglaitis and shoot with Bryant Esalva. While the Vlog Squad is more than welcoming, Dom isn't. David...
scotty sire & kristen mcatee; a love story by vlogsquad1000000
scotty sire & kristen mcatee; a vlog squad :)
A 16 year old girl, Kristen McAtee, recently moved to Lee Beach, Chicago. She soon meets a squad of friends who welcome her into their group, but one of the boys stands...
Todd wants to be a Sire by Cloud_Headed
Todd wants to be a Sireby Cloud_Headed
Scott's known as the sad guy and Todd as the player. But no one knows that every night Todd cries himself to sleep because he's in love with his straight best friend who...
Vlog squad  by Tiffany-_-xy
Vlog squad by Tiffany-_-xy
You just walked down the park and see somebody who needs a little help.
Passion 🥀 ( David Dobrik) by Unicornfantom
Passion 🥀 ( David Dobrik)by Unicornfantom
Disclaimer : I love Liza and Davids relationship , well when they was together. Read the first chapter to find out what the book is about ;)