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Annabelle Black  [Book 3] by Insanity69
Annabelle Black [Book 3]by PERMANENT HIATUS
Now living with her father and uncle things are slowly getting better for Anna until school begins and there is a new DADA professor. With Voldemorts return sends Harry...
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Isabella Potter by jessie_bell2001
Isabella Potterby Slytherin Queen
Isabella was actually the other chosen one, she was sent to live with Charlie to work on her more unique talents. Where they find out she was blessed by the gods. Edwar...
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Love, Azkaban  by TheAmazingMaddy
Love, Azkaban by Maddy Solis
Azkaban is the wizarding prison. Some of the most notorious witches and wizards have been sentenced there. Innocent and guilty, male or female, teenager or adult, you im...
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More than an outsider by Milicaorevi7
More than an outsiderby Milica Đorđević
(The first book of the More than an outsider series) A rulebreaker. Something no one would think for Lola to be, not even her mother, Dolores Umbridge. But, things are n...
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Harry Potter - Umbridge x Reader by MrsLucyDragonheart
Harry Potter - Umbridge x Readerby Felicity Ciella Phantomhive-A...
A quick Dolores x reader. Written on request for my real life bestie. All I say it includes is a Hufflepuff reader and a Dolores umbridge, that is all.
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{1} Argent {Harry Potter Fanfiction} Book 1 of the Spy Series by Aspiring-Writer14
{1} Argent {Harry Potter Aspiring-Writer14
Silver Snape is a young witch. She's in her second year in Gryffindor House at Hogwarts when Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts and gets sorted into Gryffindor. She has been...
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Why Demumbridge is the Best Ship Ever by SpongieQ
Why Demumbridge is the Best Ship SpongieQ
Dolores Umbridge x Dementor. In my opinion the best ship ever and here's why!
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Histórias de Hogwarts: poder, política e poltergeists petulantes by seriouslyblack_
Histórias de Hogwarts: poder, polí Sirius Lee Black
Essas histórias sobre poder, política e poltergeists petulantes lhe oferecem um vislumbre do lado mais sombrio do mundo bruxo, revelando as raízes da implacável Professo...
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Umbridge the Muggle Principle (Harry Potter Fanfic) by yemihikari
Umbridge the Muggle Principle ( Yemi Hikari
Umbridge ends up being the principle of a Muggle High School. Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter. Original publication date 1/10/2007
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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Witch by hiccup779102
Harry Potter and the Forgotten Yours Truly
Throughout Harry Potters years at Hogwarts, he has always had help from a certain someone who always wished to remain unnamed and unknown. She would always save a life...
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Rain by yelhsAgnahc
Rainby Ashley Zhang
Rain Cheung, Muggle-born, Year 6, Prefect. As she became a member of the Inquisitorial Squad, no one would like her anymore but 2 grown-ups now, both graduated 2 years a...
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Piękne Kłamstwa| Hermiona Granger by papierowemysli
Piękne Kłamstwa| Hermiona Grangerby papierowemysli
coś tu będzie
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Somebody that I Used to Know by DeluxeBrave344
Somebody that I Used to Knowby Hailey Mikaelson
Cara Puckerman. Pure-blood. Slytherin. Same age as Draco. Crushing on Draco. Least favorite teacher is Umbridge. Cara's least favorite subject is Arithmacy. Her favorite...
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Immortals [Harry Potter / Percy Jackson Crossover] [Different Worlds Book 2] by hydrophilous
Immortals [Harry Potter / Percy cheska
Shadow Malfoy and her friends helped slow down the rise of Lord Voldemort and Gaea. Most importantly, she now knew who and what she truly is: she is Charlotte Lenz, daug...
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I Must Not Tell Lies: An Autobiography by erlogan
I Must Not Tell Lies: An erlogan
Life at Hogwarts according to Dolores Umbridge.
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The Pink Witch by LEStheofficial
The Pink Witchby L.E.S_official_acc
This is book 1 of L.E.S L.E.S and the Pink Witch • completed story • Another year at Hogwarts, another year of Umbridge? When Hogwarts is once again in the clutches of...
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Letting the Cat out of the Bag - A Frumbridge Story by TLRHSlytherin
Letting the Cat out of the Bag - Rachel Victoria
Crookshanks the cat is dead and Fred Weasley wants to buy his wife, Hermione Granger a new cat. After noticing some weird things happening when the new cat is around, F...
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