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Love or hate? (dolores x femreader) by IZONEISLIFUE
Love or hate? (dolores x femreader)by aymapotato
A story of a girl aka y/n, and dolores' love story. Y/n has been friends with the madrigals ever since she can remember, but one day her family decided they should move...
Reborn by _marcy_wu_
Rebornby āœØMarcyāœØ
A massive misfortune hits the Madrigal family and it becomes harder for them to keep themselves together. Even after years of this loss, it was still hard on the family.
FAVORITE KID || Yandere!Encanto by carpetbeetle
FAVORITE KID || Yandere!Encantoby carpetbeetle
[YANDERE!PLATONIC!MADRIGALS X GENDERNEUTRAL!READER X YANDERE!ROMANTIC!CAMILO & MIRABEL] - From the day you were born, you've never had a real family - save for your gran...
Gabriella by BiancaWoods1307
Gabriellaby BiancaWoods1307
Gabriella Madrigal, cousin of Maribel Madrigal. Sister of Camilo, Antonio and Dolores. Gabriella can control water. Any kind. She can also, communicate with it. It talks...
šŒšˆ š€šŒšŽš‘ ā† camilo madrigal by _sselene
šŒšˆ š€šŒšŽš‘ ā† camilo madrigalby moon goddess
"I just plan on getting to know you better" He leaned in closer over the table, setting his chin on his hand. "If you let me at least" ______________...
š‚š€šŒšˆš‹šŽ šŒ. šˆšŒš€š†šˆšš„š’ by chaaaey
š‚š€šŒšˆš‹šŽ šŒ. šˆšŒš€š†šˆšš„š’by Ayuume !
7 š˜š˜–š˜–š˜› š˜š˜™š˜ˆš˜”š˜Œ š˜™š˜ˆš˜›š˜š š˜ˆš˜“š˜–š˜•š˜Ž š˜š˜š˜š š˜‰š˜ˆš˜Šš˜’ . . . į“¬ įµ’āæįµ‰Ė¢Ź°įµ’įµ— įµ‡įµ’įµ’įµ įµ’į¶  įµ’įµ˜Ź³ į¶ įµƒįµ›įµ’Ź³ā±įµ—įµ‰ Ė¢Ź°įµƒįµ–įµ‰Ė¢Ź°ā±į¶ įµ—įµ‰Ź³ į¶œįµƒįµā±Ė”įµ’ į“¹įµƒįµˆŹ³ā±įµįµƒĖ” į“µ'įµ Ź²įµ˜Ė¢įµ— Ź°įµ‰Ź³įµ‰ įµ—įµ’ Ė¢Ź°įµƒŹ³įµ‰ įµŹø į¶ įµƒįµ›įµ’Ź³ā±įµ—įµ‰ Ė¢įµ—įµ’Ź³ā±įµ‰Ė¢ į¶ Ź³...
Encanto Oneshots (req opened) by Babycakes9080
Encanto Oneshots (req opened)by Babycakes
I'm doing this for fun, please be patient with me if your requests are taking awhile.
Arranged Marriage āœ“| Camilo Madrigal x Reader by Danzlingdaisy
Arranged Marriage āœ“| Camilo Danzlingdaisy
"I will never learn to love You." In which\\ Y/n's parents arrange a marriage for a certain curly haired boy as they thought it will "benefit" her in...
Encanto watch's a movie by Babycakes9080
Encanto watch's a movieby Babycakes
After Casita was rebuilt and everything went back to normal though someone questions how the cracks started, so Casita shows them.
Mi MariposašŸ•ÆļøšŸ¦‹ {Encanto Fanfic} by unknown_loverrr
Mi MariposašŸ•ÆļøšŸ¦‹ {Encanto Fanfic}by āœØšŸŒ¼AleeyašŸŒŗāœØ
After the Failed Ceremony,Mirabel Madrigal was the giftless one in Madrigal Family and Abuela had decided to take her away Instead Afraid Mirabel will hold the candle an...
When a Butterfly Flaps its Wings | Encanto Fanfic by surmount
When a Butterfly Flaps its Wings | Surmie
Bruno disappears when he is fifteen. Thirty five years later, Mirabel is investigating the cracks and discovers the Encanto's darkest secret.
The Gift Swap by SadEncantoSimp
The Gift Swapby šŸ’™PrincešŸ’™
What if the Madrigals woke up one morning with totally different gifts? How would they react? Will they be able to fix it?
ā¤ļøŽ š™€š™‰š˜¾š˜¼š™‰š™š™Š š™“ š™š™€š˜¼š˜æš™€š™ š™„š™ˆš˜¼š™‚š™„š™‰š™€š™Ž  ā¤ļøŽ by MintyModes
ā¤ļøŽ š™€š™‰š˜¾š˜¼š™‰š™š™Š š™“ š™š™€š˜¼š˜æš™€š™ VAL
ā„ idk what to say here but uh i'm in the middle of an encanto hyperfixation and i know damn well half of you guys are obsessed with it just as much as me. enjoy ā„ if yo...
A second chance? by Babycakes9080
A second chance?by Babycakes
Casita has been rebuild everything is great, but Mirabel felt like something wasn't complete during her childhood. What happens when her Abuelo hear's her and decides to...
Encanto x Reader Oneshots [COMPLETED] by YourMamaLee
Encanto x Reader Oneshots [ mentally gay
Encanto Oneshots! Please do not request Alma, Antonio, or any pedophelia. Enjoy!
Encanto - Mia Madrigal  by latrina05
Encanto - Mia Madrigal by Latrina TVDU
What if alma had four kids instead of three what if that child happened to be her favorite just like the way she was with Isabela, what if someone in the family was jeal...
Encanto x Reader Oneshots & Scenarios by SadEncantoSimp
Encanto x Reader Oneshots & šŸ’™PrincešŸ’™
If you read this, you're a simp. (It's okay I am, too)
š™°šš•šš• š™ø šš‚ššŽššŽ š™øššœ ššˆšš˜ššž | Dolores x Reader by gayleesbian
š™°šš•šš• š™ø šš‚ššŽššŽ š™øššœ ššˆšš˜ššž | Lee
As you grew up together, you kept your feelings for your best friend buried, convinced that you had absolutely no chance with her. But what if she suddenly starts changi...
What if Mirabel didn't come back by crazyinparticular
What if Mirabel didn't come backby crazyinparticular
Mirabel..... She was 20and has been missing for 4 years(I know it's not much) Why did she leave? It was best for her family to not have a burden like her..... At least t...