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Beastars x Reader by awiebby
Beastars x Readerby Emily UwU
You're new at Cherryton Academy, and didn't plan on making any scenes, until someone picks a fight with you in the cafeteria... who will be the one to save you?
Love To Deaf (COMPLETE) by Pearled
Love To Deaf (COMPLETE)by Pearled
Five years have gone by. No longer an innocent, too trusting, sixteen year old, her life at twenty-one is in her own hands. She left behind all that once hurt her. Abira...
Man's Best Friend (Max) by enchantedrose88
Man's Best Friend (Max)by belle😉
"He left and forgot to tell my heart how to go on without him"-Unknown ----------------------------------------------------------------- Justin and Jenna Winco...
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Roleplay Dog OCs  by boobearandsunshine
Roleplay Dog OCs by Ella🥰
Just a book for dog roleplay, includes most of my dog ocs. Individual rp only, sorry. Almost 200 reads!!! Thank you guys so much!!!! Idk what I did to deserve this! ...
Dog Tags And Combat Boots || C.R by Too_Turnt_Clemmeh
Dog Tags And Combat Boots || C.Rby Too Turnt Clemmeh
*Sequel to She's A Puzzle With A Few Missing Pieces* Samantha left to Iraq, leaving her best friend Katelyn and her former boyfriend, Chandler Riggs. Chandler left Sam f...
General's Daughter by Millard12
General's Daughterby Emily
16 year old Aiden Parker is the daughter of an Army General who is rough, tough, starts fights and wins them and doesn't take no for an answer, like her father. After he...
Consequences of the Heart by WWELover555
Consequences of the Heartby WWELover555
Book two of the "Bad Influence Series" Brenton is finally home and Quinn is on top of the world or so you would think, but even Brenton being home and no matte...
Love Demise!! by Dtejaswini
Love Demise!!by Dtejaswini
It was her birthday and all she wanted was her comfort, her love. Afternoon turned to evening but I felt no ease, the same insecurity of Rohan not being here remained. I...
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The Wolf Killer by BellaThinker
The Wolf Killerby ThinkerBella
So it is happening. We are moving to the my dream country. But my whole family is mad at me over something I definitely didn't have power to stop it from happening... En...
Diary of a Chonk Doge by sexylegolas
Diary of a Chonk Dogeby Natalie Rushman
DONT CHONK SHAME. Inzide the heart of a chonky doge is like a deep bowl of treatos. Unending, ful of suprize. Sometime treatos, sometime broccoli (ew). She chonky, but s...
Look after her for me by elliewrighte
Look after her for meby elliewrighte
When rover had to leave for Baxter to take over
Dog Tags by WWELover555
Dog Tagsby WWELover555
Book one of the "Bad Influence Series" What does it mean when a guy gives you his dog tags. When it comes to Quinn Callahan the dog tags she wears around her n...
Teadmatus minu sees ja mu ümber by sinuoma
Teadmatus minu sees ja mu ümberby sinuoma
Olen 16-aastane neiu Mirt. Elan koos oma vanematega väikeses majas. Ema töötab haiglas õena ja isa on Soomes ehitaja nagu tänapäeval ikka. Mul on noorem õde kes on ühe...
Kill or be killed: life in a war zone by GtAwesomeness
Kill or be killed: life in a war Jason Zyle
Grace has lived on a military base her hole life. Raised by two special black ops. She and her brother where born to be soldiers. But when her base is infiltrated She an...
Pics to look at when you're sad
Poetry by WrittenMistake
Poetryby WrittenMistake
A few poems I've written both to my father, and every military person out there Thank you!
Code Black  by JacksonMiller1
Code Black by Jackson Miller
Damian Maclean, known as Blade, was once a soldier - the leader of an elite unit of men who he saw as not just mates or fellow soldiers, but brothers, the only family he...
The girl who talks to the dead by TheSwageyamaTobiyolo
The girl who talks to the deadby
Faith is a senior in high school, She lifts, she sings and plays instruments, she dances; pretty normal right? Wrong! She talks to the dead for heavens sake. Her life is...
The Road Of Hell by LakshyaGupta5
The Road Of Hellby Lakshya Gupta
How often does one stop and think about the lives of all the animals living beside the road, like unwanted guests in this cemented jungle? This story will make you look...