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Eleceed X OC  by kirariyozora
Eleceed X OC by Just another writer.
This is Eleceed from my WEBTOON X reader book. I gave it its own book with some few changes enjoy 🤗 Ship with every male character lol I can't believe this is the firs...
Adopted by Funnel Vision by JayyVonMonore
Adopted by Funnel Visionby Deadpool
An 13 emo mute year old girl named Legacy, gets adopted from her favorite YouTuber's. Funnel Vision. The thing is, the family is Christian, so i Legacy, but she is emo...
Celebrate Love Diane x King by RinKazemi
Celebrate Love Diane x Kingby Rin Kazemi
Diane's favorite Band are the famous three sins but not only she and her best friend Elizabeth are theire Fans no almost everyone loves them. But she also loves Dogs and...
Married Into Royalty. by 2020babe
Married Into J.J ToniY
This Story Is about a girl named Brooklyn Whose life is about to change forever.
A Dogs Help by mdeborah23
A Dogs Helpby mdeborah23
This is a story about jack! (jacksepticeye) and his silly pet dog named jack... =-O jack is a dog that wishes to be a free little potato.. i mean dog.. and jackH needs...
Bodhi And His New Balloon by omahazeeya
Bodhi And His New Balloonby Omahazeeya
Seven years old Bodhi is flabbergasted when the skinny, slatternly pup he'd snuck into his flat, the previous evening-where pets are a stringent prohibition-darts out of...
A Wolves Destiny by TheGamingBadger12356
A Wolves Destinyby TheGamingBadger 12356
A new litter of pups is born, the alphas litter they are destined for greatness, the bar is set high for them to be fit to rule one day. Little Arrow, the smallest pup i...
White Lies by glazeisaunicorn215
White Liesby Gleisha Ortega
"What?" My breathing is in short gasps now as I struggle to process what is happening. He jerks open the tool shed door and vanishes into the darkness of it. ...
Humanity's Real Best Friend Episode 1 😎 by superlara11
Humanity's Real Best Friend superlara11
Can you help a dog who experienced troubles 😐? Maybe not, or maybe yes. But this book is recommended for dog lovers ..... Why? Cause it is contains heart warming scene...
Good Bye by D-F-L-A-D-S-G-S-A-D
Good Byeby Directioner 100%
Have you ever lost somthing you loved? Well Nelly Brookyln has. She is a wonderful girl that always wanted to see the world but there is somthing stopping her... Her dog...
Five Years (One Shot) by SangreFatima
Five Years (One Shot)by SangreFatima
(This story is for those who appreciate animals) They say dogs are good best friend. And for me that's true, but he's not only a best friend, he's part of my family, he'...
Pupper Love by skylayn1001
Pupper Loveby skylayn1001
These are some tips and tricks for owning dogs, fun facts and more.
Meet my real life dogs! by Nekoloid_Chan02
Meet my real life dogs!by Ur Sempai
You can meet my real life dogs here :3
The Best Medicine by Silvershadow101
The Best Medicineby Silvershadow101
This is a story I wrote for my language arts class, and it's fairly simple. It's told in 1st person by a German Shepard named Ruger, who vows to always protect his mas...
Pitbull Truth by laneybrooke
Pitbull Truthby laneybrooke
Dogs by cxcalixc
Dogsby cxcalixc
This is about one of the most greatest and talented animal in the entire universe. They are the most loyal and loving things. Dogs. Many people take advantage of these w...
My Dog, My Life by SugaR_yna
My Dog, My Lifeby SugaR_yna
An everyday life story of a family and their dog who was found alone in front of their house, afraid and cold. Original by CuteCandyPad (Me), inspired by my doggy. Short...