Doghouse Stories

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The first (Delgado x Reader) by _Anime_weeaboo_69
The first (Delgado x Reader)by ~_Lexyฅ( ̳͒•ಲ• ̳͒)_~
You and Delgado are German shepherds that used to be in the police K-9 unit but after a missioned backfired you were caught and put into dog fights were you later meet a...
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
🐾☞︎𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕞𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕝𝕖☜︎🐾 by _Anime_weeaboo_69
🐾☞︎𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕞𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕝𝕖☜︎🐾by ~_Lexyฅ( ̳͒•ಲ• ̳͒)_~
You and Delgado have had a rough journey from when you last seen Chloe. While traveling you end up in Hollywood and find chloe again. Let's just say you go on a roller c...
True Love  by SophieLove_M
True Love by ༉➫꒰𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒉𝒊𝒆.⸙͎
living by my side was beautiful right? every winter night we used to cuddle to be warm. Those happy memories will always be in my mind and will be a part of my life for...
Zombie apocalypse  by stupid_bean24
Zombie apocalypse by stupid_bean24
This is my first story about a zombie apocalypse it is about a child called Kai(male) aged 13 who gets a phone call after they find out that there is a real zombie apoca...
Diary of a Chonk Doge by sexylegolas
Diary of a Chonk Dogeby Natalie Rushman
DONT CHONK SHAME. Inzide the heart of a chonky doge is like a deep bowl of treatos. Unending, ful of suprize. Sometime treatos, sometime broccoli (ew). She chonky, but s...
Rembrandt by Animmate
Rembrandtby Luis Marquez
Introducing Rembrandt. This isn't just another sad animal story with a happy ending. This is a true story about a real-life dog named "Rembrandt". It is a stor...
Im a good dog by alyna369
Im a good dogby Dracoswife
It's literally just a paragraph about a dog. That's it.
And You Think Your Family is Bad by xDontJudgeMe
And You Think Your Family is Badby Leah [or Lenny/Lozer ;)]
How would you feel to star on a reality TV show? Most people would be thrilled. In a way, they're famous! Skylar Collins used to feel that way about being on TV, unti...
În această,, carte'' este vorba despre viața unei fete, care a suferit din cauza bulling-ului din generală, despre depresia care o afecta zilnic pe aceasta SPER să vă pl...
THE leprechaun named Jimmy by AlphaCrow
THE leprechaun named Jimmyby Alpha Crow
Jimmy loves waffles ...............
What is the best furniture for dogs ? by Julalak19
What is the best furniture for pea jung
According to the veterinarian, the relationship with our pet is the starting point for choosing the right furniture Find answer what is the best furniture for dogs. Our...
Trixie: based on a true story by IamSongforsomeone
Trixie: based on a true storyby Mai
The story of a dog's journey through life. Wondering the busy streets, a stray mutt manages to find herself in a cage at the local animal shelter. Once she gains the na...
Grow Up by kaysayhey
Grow Upby KaySayHey
Everything is changing. Stacy is done with Joey's childish actions. It just isn't worth suffering raising a grown adult. Will Stacy leave him for good or find another ma...
The Two Dogs Who Fell In Love by brooktastic
The Two Dogs Who Fell In Loveby Brooklyn Roath
Two dogs were in a jungle together and sooner fell in love. But they're love had some consciences. A bad person tried to do something horrible to the two dogs.
The Dog Prompt by NuclearCanine
The Dog Promptby Display Name
Just something I started writing, if you're interested in seeing more, let me know I guess.