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Dogformers x human reader (COMPLETED) by RubyPasha
Dogformers x human reader ( RubyPasha
You are a 17 year old orphan who doesn't go to school. You are used to having a hard lonely life until you sine up at a dog rescue shelter. Most of the dogs there are up...
Dogformers (TFP) by crystalarcee
Dogformers (TFP)by Smuttlord
All of the Transformers have been turned into dogs and they all are dealing with the consaquences, The Autobots cant call for help because they are dogs and the Deceptic...
DogFormers by MakaylaSutherland
DogFormersby Estellaluna Rose Razerblade P...
Emily runs a pet shelter, what happens when two of her best dogs start acting up? For example, Megatron and Optimus? And what happens when she gets turned into a dog her...
dogformers Friend or Foe by Coolmom127
dogformers Friend or Foeby arcee
hi I am bummble strike friend calls me strike and I have a spark twin her name is title wave I am forced to to choose a side Autobots or Decepticons I really like my sis...
Dogformers by MakaylaSutherland
Dogformersby Estellaluna Rose Razerblade P...
Both Optimus' and Megatron's pack of dogs were police dogs, highly trained and highly devoted. But now, they are being sent to live at a farm. It's ether that, or go int...
Transformers Prime Bloopers by SteeljawPrime
Transformers Prime Bloopersby Dabi Todoroki
I thought this would be funny to write, I got the idea to do this from Churawrios.