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Shattered by Cupcakecature
Shatteredby KeilidhCupcakes
When a misunderstood nurse called lofty appears on Keller what lengths will he go to protect the love of his life.Dom.
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Holby City Oneshots by flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshotsby flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshots. Mainly going to be Flac. Open to requests
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The way thing should be  by Holbyluv
The way thing should be by Holbyluv :)
Au set in relatively modern holby where Dom and zosia and Arthur are still there ❤️ Featuring: zollie, flac, dofty and much more
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Dofty by ZoeBird2134
Doftyby Zac
This is a poem about Holby City's favourite duo couple, Dom and Lofty. {David Ames & Lee Mead}
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Dofty - Unbelievable  by holbygalaxy
Dofty - Unbelievable by holbygalaxy
COMPLETED Dom gets an invite to Zosia and Ollie's wedding but feels too embarrassed to go alone. He takes Lofty, the Keller newbie, and an unlikely relationship blossom...
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Love on Keller  by HollyCheetham
Love on Keller by Marthalouisex
Hi this is dom here, the doctor on Keller. You, the reader must be wondering what happened between me and Lofty, the nurse. Everybody else knows so its time you do too
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Lofty becomes Dofty  by larryssoap
Lofty becomes Dofty by ~Sasha
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Second Hand Heart.... by RandomStories23
Second Hand Shayeeeee
Dom has just got out of a really abusive relationship with Isaac Mayfield (Gayfield) and is trying to get over it. when people try to help him. Dom pushes them away...
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"She sees what I see, how amazing you are.  It's hardly surprising. " by ollygolly
"She sees what I see, how ollygolly
There's a new locum nurse on AAU who takes a shine to Lofty. Lofty is oblivious of course. Dom thinks it's his husband-ly duty to point it out. Minor jealousy. Bu...
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Secretly Lofty by holbygalaxy
Secretly Loftyby holbygalaxy
COMPLETED After telling his dad that he is gay, Ben is forced out of his home and living on the streets. To protect his identity he changes his name to Lofty. Bouncing f...
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Dofty. The forbidden love  by corneyweeb
Dofty. The forbidden love by Cornyweeb
This is set in an alternate timeline. There will be different characters that aren't in the show. Sorry if this upsets anyone. Its my first story Lofty and his girlfrien...
A Very Merry Holby Christmas by jessymessy101
A Very Merry Holby Christmasby Jessymessy101
Dom finds himself spending the holidays alone when his mum makes other plans and putting a damper on his Christmas spirit and the upcoming works Christmas party. Lofty d...
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Lofty And Dom by FunGhoulTrash
Lofty And Domby Hesitant Alien 👌
well I've not really planned ahead so this will be really bad tbh and I've never written a story before but I'll try. This is a Holby City Dofty fic
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The new girl  by Holbyluv
The new girl by Holbyluv :)
Abigail Tate is the 'new girl' at Holby city hospital. The traffic events of the end of last year had resulted in a death and several drastically injured surgeons. And...
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Dom Copeland ~ Fugitive  by holbygalaxy
Dom Copeland ~ Fugitive by holbygalaxy
Dom is a new student at Holby City High School. At his old school he never had a problem about his sexuality, he was very open and people didn't really care. But at the...
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Holby City by ZoeBird2134
Holby Cityby Zac
Loftys back as the new nurse on the Keller Ward! He returns to Holby with shocking revelations! Can Dom learn to trust the new nurse's kindness? Is this the breakthrough...
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Holby City - Oneshots by xFlacDoftyJohnlockx
Holby City - Oneshotsby Lauren_FlubbyWubb
🚢: Hanssanna Flac Berena Dofty ~Open to requests~
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Time will heal - flac fanfic #wattys2018 by fairlylocalty
Time will heal - flac fanfic Gracie🖤
(Takes place after the shooting.)Holby City has almost returned to normal after The shooting, except a few things... Ollie was shot in the head, Raf has died and red hea...
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A Shift To Remember // DOFTY  by Stick-to-the-facts
A Shift To Remember // DOFTY by Stick-to-the-facts
A young Dom is struggling and needs something to change to pull him out of a loop of disappointment and disapproval. What if all he needs is to let go and let a certain...
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