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I'm not afraid of you (UNDER MAJOR REWRITE) by onebooklover1
I'm not afraid of you (UNDER Silje
'Do not be afraid of the monsters, make them afraid of you.' Skylar Smith, gang leader, murderer and so much more you can call her. She is the most dangerous person in A...
  • gangleaders
  • highschool
  • willhegettohim
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He stalks me , He stalks me not. by ReferReader
He stalks me , He stalks me Refer Reader🌬
RATED R THIS BOOK IS NASTY? so 18 up Big curls....Big curls..owwh...shit."Knock Knock" WTF ugghhhh..who tf...WHO IS IT?? it's your new neighbor I thought I s...
  • hurt
  • stalker
  • thriller
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Does he love me? Miniminter fanfic. by JoysEloise
Does he love me? Miniminter JoysEloise
Why me? Why does my life happen this way I love him so much but I know he doesn't love me the same way. Or does he!
  • doesheloveme
  • ksiolajidebt
  • wroetoshaw
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Middle school- high school! by Genadever
Middle school- high school!by Happygirl
This is about a couple that doesn't work out, at the moment.... Very messy, bad grammar, probably boring! Might be swearing
  • death
  • doesheloveme
  • imnew
Forbidden Love: I Fell for the Younger Kid by ryzlie_e
Forbidden Love: I Fell for the ryzlie_e
When the new boy visits from Vegas for the summer, Reah falls for him. One problem.... the new boy, Noah, is 9 years old, kinda short. Reah is 12 years old, 5 feet tall...
  • fellfortheyoungerboy
  • reah
  • doesheloveme
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The Girl Who You Once Loved by shikurofaiitaa
The Girl Who You Once Lovedby shikurofaiitaa
I was living in my hometown, Hiroshima. I was living with my sister, the both of us were living a simple and peaceful life… Until, a girl who moved in to our home, I mys...
  • iloveyou
  • yes
  • sorry
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Friend Zoned by japser13_x
Friend Zonedby japser13_x
A story about a girl who gets friend zoned by her crush
  • unknownfeelings
  • doesheloveme
  • romance
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Anorexia - My Story (Fiction) by laurennbooo
Anorexia - My Story (Fiction)by laurennbooo
Roseanne is trying to find her way through life with anorexia, complicated family, and friends that are barely around. Her love to become a doctor slowly faded as this e...
  • medical
  • anerexia
  • problem
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Default Title - Write Your Own by dez2134
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Anonymous4231
  • sexiness
  • doesheloveme
  • heated
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Every Fangirl's Dream by Siri1000000
Every Fangirl's Dreamby Siri1000000
YN and her best friend are attending their very first Bts concert. It was all going really well until an unexpected event occurs when Bts and the girls are backstage wi...
  • cutenessoverload
  • bangtan
  • taehyung
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Is he for me? by Brendonurieluver1987
Is he for me?by Brendonurielover87
This is a story about Brendon Urie and please enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to comment and i will answer as many as possible. Thanks 😋
  • doesheloveme
Finding Love In the Internet by celi-pink
Finding Love In the Internetby celi-pink
  • lovethroughinternet
  • love
  • doesheloveme
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Does He Like Me? by MissB2412
Does He Like Me?by MissB2412
What happens to Briar when she falls in love with a player?
  • bestbookever
  • readitplease
  • doesheloveme
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diary (about my crush) -Sydney  by DolanTrashx
diary (about my crush) -Sydney by dolan :)
  • crush
  • doesheloveme
  • situations
Does he really love me? by gintariukas2001
Does he really love me?by gintariukas2001
A girl asked a boy if she was pretty, he said "No". She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever, he said "No". Then she asked him if he would c...
  • men
  • doesheloveme
  • love
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Haikus by EdgyBitBitch
Haikusby uhhhhhh
some things i thought of while class (warning, these have to do with suicide and depression. take caution.)
  • him
  • darkhaikus
  • doesheloveme
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He doesn't miss me by RayganMcghee
He doesn't miss meby Raygan Mcghee
Everyone has a different side to the story
  • love
  • poetry
  • doesheloveme
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The boy on the phone  by uknownpersxn
The boy on the phone by 🌸 Unknown writer 🌸
True story. Also there is only one part with a big story might add more soon.
  • adorable
  • relationship
  • cute
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Trust by theawkwardpufferfish
Trustby don'tworryabouttits
When Katherine finds out that she has minimum amount of wolf blood will she tell the man whom she loves but knows they aren't meant to be? Or will she perish in thin air...
  • cluelesslovers
  • doesheloveme
  • doessheloveme