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Remember My Name: New Flame by doeneseya
Remember My Name: New Flameby doeneseya
If I gave you a description, nothing would be a surprise. ;) The sequel to Remember My Name.
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Remember My Name by doeneseya
Remember My Nameby doeneseya
Ara Parker is a New Orleans born and New York raised type of chick. She holds a special talent and a degree, but still finds herself working at one of the hottest nightc...
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Body Rock 2: Time Heals All by doeneseya
Body Rock 2: Time Heals Allby doeneseya
How would you feel if the love of your life didn't know who you were? How would you feel if your dreams were snatched away from you? Relationships will be tested and bou...
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Body Rock 3: Take My Hand by doeneseya
Body Rock 3: Take My Handby doeneseya
Maybe Justin doesn't know Marissa as well as he thought. Maybe Marissa isn't as strong as she seems. Some surprises pop up that neither Justin or Marissa are ready for...
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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by doeneseya
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?by doeneseya
When Angel Hardin wakes from a ride-home nap on Valentine's Day, she finds a totaled car and flashing ambulances, but not her driving husband, Alex. After one, lonely y...
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Body Rock: Rock Solid by doeneseya
Body Rock: Rock Solidby doeneseya
(Book 6 of The Body Rock Series) What happens when you go into a marriage with the one secret that could single-handedly make it come crashing down? What happens when y...
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Body Rock 4: This is Forever by doeneseya
Body Rock 4: This is Foreverby doeneseya
Marissa has returned to her hometown of Chicago, the city of nightmares for her. It just so happens that she comes across another fear of hers, the man of her dreams has...
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The Note by doeneseya
The Noteby doeneseya
(Connection to the end of Body Rock 4. READ THIS BEFORE BODY ROCK 5!) Jason just received some of the worst news imaginable and once again, he's gone off the rails. He d...
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Through The Dark by doeneseya
Through The Darkby doeneseya
Part 2 of Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
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Faceclaim by slayqueen54
Faceclaimby Malik_Styles
Just a book containing people to play characters in stories🤷🏽‍♀️
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MY WORLD by smileforbiebs2
MY WORLDby smileforbiebs2
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BatMan: Doe Meets The Joker by Tonshe
BatMan: Doe Meets The Jokerby Tonshé
Revenge is on everyone's mind.
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Our Love Story by roro151
Our Love Storyby roro151
Doe and J.B fanfic, Enjoy! My 1st story so show some love! ❤
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