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Is it Forbidden Doc? by sarasov
Is it Forbidden Doc?by Sara S
Is it forbidden doc? That's what Amelia Hawk is thinking after crushing...hard on her new doctor at the clinic she woke up after a traumatic night. Alex Reed will be th...
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Patience by Kris_Stien
Patienceby Kristien Vanhove
She the patient, she needs patience in him finding a cure He has to be patient with her condition World class neurosurgeon Harry Styles is the last hope of chronically i...
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Pride and Prejudice by Yagyaseni
Pride and Prejudiceby Yagya Chowdary
What if destiny chooses you to be the one suffering due to the narrow-mindedness and conservatism of the society, and your parents abandon you by calling you a disgrace...
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The Narcissus by RhodoraO
The Narcissusby RhodoraO
Screenplay is the script of a film, including acting instructions and scene directions. Complete manuscript to be updated once in a while.
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Rumination by DestinyNaomi
Ruminationby DestinyNaomi
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - Edgar Allan Poe
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Matter of the heart by Depressinggreenie
Matter of the heartby Depressinggreenie
Tony is diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Steve is the heart specialist he sees. ________________________ Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Stephen S...
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A Healers Touch by SamanthaWilde
A Healers Touchby Sam
It only takes one person, one moment, one second, to change someones life..... Laney Ashdown wakes up only to find herself in the hospital. When the doctor tells her she...
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I'm Not Insane... by MusicOverLife
I'm Not MusicOverLife
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Fury's Eclipse | by lonelygod-
Fury's Eclipse |by may
Damien Fury Ross was exactly as he's said to be. Furious and haughty with an overly extreme anger management. But that doesn't stop him from 'accidentally' violating mor...
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Harlequin by Harleypalooza
Harlequinby Harleypalooza
A darker, alternative origin of Harley Quinn. Harleen Quinzel, a psychology major at Gotham University, had witnessed her professor murder her boyfriend and was framed f...
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