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Promises are meant to be kept or broken?(Superfamily & Spideypool) by spidey150521
Promises are meant to be kept or spidey150521
Peter Benjamin parker. A 15 year old orphan where the boss is abusive and volunteers are idiotic flirts, but he also is The hero of queens: spiderman. no one has any inf...
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Soul Stone Soul Realm by MysteryLightFury
Soul Stone Soul Realmby Mystery
Our fallen heroes find themselves in a weird orange plain. All very confused and lost. Peter Parker feels a weird connection with the Soul Stone. Sensing where every cre...
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Bucky's sister by Wait_For_My_Shot
Bucky's sisterby Demigod for life
Percy Jackson, isn't who he seems he is. He, is actually a She, and her last name, is Barnes. Not Jackson, that all is a lie. A lie so she could join the army with her b...
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Percy Stark by AtlanticCian
Percy Starkby AtlanticCian
Percy son of poseidon finds out his mother is the twin sister of Tony Stark. But little dose he know that Tony Stark is Iron man.
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dormammu's Daughter(Doctor Strange X Reader) by OpalPrime
dormammu's Daughter(Doctor Silver Pax
I do not own any of the Marvel universe character's
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Marvel imagines  by figaro05
Marvel imagines by figaro05
These are a variety of marvel stories....... S= smut F=fluff R=random
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Loki laufeyson memes  by herronbesson
Loki laufeyson memes by charlieee
--Loki specific memes-- -Loki memes -Loki scents from movies -Loki -Tom Hiddleston 5 posts a day I swear
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[SpideyStrange - Vtrans] Seventeen by kuro2612
[SpideyStrange - Vtrans] Seventeenby Hắc
FIC DỊCH của cặp SpideyStrange. Ai không thích hoặc có thành kiến về mối quan hệ Lớn tuổi x nhỏ tuổi xin hãy bỏ qua, đừng vào đọc rồi nói lời cay đắng. ----------- Au :...
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What If?? by Wuuuutttttt123
What If??by D3SP1NA
What if The avengers got caught in 2012, or Howard and Peggy saw Steve in the past.What if the 2012 avenger's followed them back to the future and watched all the avenge...
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Avengers Endgame by Millresh
Avengers Endgameby Millresh
Before you read this book I'm going to tell you that this book isn't going to be like the end of Avengers Infinity War nor like Avengers Endgame for you see, this book s...
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The Revenge Of The Sons [Captain America] by invasion2212
The Revenge Of The Sons [Captain invasion2212
It is about captain america's sons revenge story.
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Iron Justice by killershark82
Iron Justiceby killershark82
Ok so the summary is that Dr. Strange sends Danny to the young justice world for a mission which is to stop taskmaster and the light as well as scorpion and he meets Meg...
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see you in a minute• marvel endgame  by Revivorgirl
see you in a minute• marvel Revivorgirl
"- You're not dying again.-" "-what?-" Cover page by:@BNchattaya
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Lost in Space | Peter Parker x Reader by Phan_of_too_much
Lost in Space | Peter Parker x Phan_of_too_much
You're on your way to school just like any normal day except it is not a normal day, Earth is under attack. But with Dr. Strange as your father and Peter Parker as your...
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MCU but instead the batfamily  by ACTION-WOLF
MCU but instead the batfamily by ActionWolf
Ever wondered what the MCU would be like but instead with the BatFamily. Well here it is. I'm the co-writer the person who started this story but passed it to me their...
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Flirting - Sheriarty by cassie_is_sh00k
Flirting - Sheriartyby Cassie🐸
Jim Moriarty. A typical senior kid. He expects nothing more than getting bullied and being alone. That will change as his new History teacher comes into his life.. (Cred...
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Docter Strange | Fanfiction | English by AliciaxWolf
Docter Strange | Fanfiction | AliciaxWolf
Eline Green (yes her again but now different yk) is back, now in a Docter Strange fanfiction. She escapes from her abusive boyfriend and ends up in the New York Sanctum...
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Doctor Strange Fanbook by DocterStrange40
Doctor Strange Fanbookby Captain Marvel
Doctor Strange photos and videos because who doesn't love Doctor Stephen Strange. None of these photos belong to me.
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