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Chansoo Fanart by justkurosshi
Chansoo Fanartby kuro.sshi
Semua fanart karya saya tentang Chanyeol x Kyungsoo (ChanSoo). SAYA MINTA DENGAN SANGAT, DILARANG REPOST/REUPLOAD/EDIT FANART SAYA! karya @kuro.sshi Saya sengaja menaruh...
Boyfriend Materials by kapjagi
Boyfriend Materialsby ㄷ
because exo with their boyfriend-materials-thingy will explode your imagination
Daddy Materials by kapjagi
Daddy Materialsby ㄷ
because exo with their daddy-materials-thingy will explode your imagination
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsoo by haechanology
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsooby 𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧
In which Lee Haneul needed to repay Do Kyungsoo, a man who was always cautious about how he lived after what happened in the past. ❝Stop following me.❞ Kyungsoo said, a...
EXO Imagine by Violettehuniie
EXO Imagineby Violet
EXO x You Imagine you have a relationship with EXO members. Bahasa campur aduk sesuai mood.
My Idol My Boyfriend || Exo Xiumin by Anatta_Vxx
My Idol My Boyfriend || Exo Xiuminby XiuNaNa
Yeon-a is close to achieving her dream of becoming one of the top idol group in Kpop industry, that is.... If she haven't tripped and fall on her debut stage on live tel...
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warmth ; park chanyeol by bbyixing
warmth ; park chanyeolby m.
"why do you stay, chanyeol?" warning: this story contains abuse.
CASANOVA (END) by Biancadeo
CASANOVA (END)by Biancadeo
ketika Giacomo Girolamo Casanova menjadi gambaran bagaimana hidup Kim Jongin. Seorang anak badung berhasil meleburkan segalanya. Meruntuhkan semua dinding penghalang seb...
وقعت بحب أحد اعضاء اكسو by zlabiaandsamssa
وقعت بحب أحد اعضاء اكسوby Obbo✋
ميمي فتاة عربية من اصول آسيوية "كورية" تنتقل الى بلد والدها مع اختها بعد وفاة والدتهما، ميمي تتغير شخصيتها كثيرا ، شقيقتها من اكبر المعجبين بالكيبوب و خصوصا...
Escape. (EXO Dorm) by sunkyuhunny_
Escape. (EXO Dorm)by ☆UhiuZhao☆
Kim Sohee, seorang perempuan biasa sebelum dia dijual kepada kumpulan EXO. Dia sentiasa dibuli dan dipergunakan oleh ahli-ahli EXO. Bagaimana dia dapat melepaskan diri d...
《▪︎♤The Lost Dancer[Lee Jeno]♤▪︎》 by Neo_Crack_Technology
《▪︎♤The Lost Dancer[Lee Jeno]♤▪︎》by Maja Zubak
Old name:Every idiot chasing one girl what happens when you are the only girl in the whole school meet Kang Y/N....she is a 18 year old dancer.....she is very smart.... ...
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kalmia latifolia by star3138
kalmia latifoliaby sr.star3138
mini-fictions name: kalmia latifolia genres:, angst, dramatic, psychology, Romans writer: Star3138_ Tima couple: kaisoo up dates: completed description: نفهمیدم کی شروع...
GOT YOU ON MY MIND by Biancadeo
GOT YOU ON MY MINDby Biancadeo
Tuhan memberi karunianya pada beberapa makhluk dengan acak, sebagian dari mereka merasa beruntung, sisanya terbuang dari pandang masyarakat. Kim Jongin adalah salah satu...
Zpátky do temnoty by Lili_Dyer
Zpátky do temnotyby Li
„Kdo ti to pořád píše?" „To mi jenom moje matka posílá úryvky z bible, sorry."
Lilly of The Valley by MyHee8812
Lilly of The Valleyby MyHee
Apakah keindahan dan kecantikan adalah sebuah kebahagiaan? Apa kecantikan dan keindahan itu tak akan membawa luka? Kyungsoo, memiliki kecantikan dan keindahannya sendiri...
Amour Impossible [En Pause] by xoxo9133
Amour Impossible [En Pause]by ♥L_Kpop♥
Il m'aime. Je l'aime. Problème, notre amour est impossible... By: Xoxo9133 /!\Plagiat non toléré/!\ Bonne lecture !
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رحله الى عالم كنت احلم به by RAYEOL_88
رحله الى عالم كنت احلم بهby RAYEOL_88
الشخصيات : الرئيسيه:تشانيول | فتاة قادمه من غير بلده اسمها رافليزا الثانويه: سوهو,سيهون,بيكهيون,كاي,دي او,لاي,تشين,شيومين . رافليزا فتاة لطالما كان حلمها...
At The End by MyHee8812
At The Endby MyHee
Kyungsoo tak tahu jika hidupnya akan berakhir bersama dengan seseorang yang sama sekali tak dicintainya, bahkan ia sama sekali tak mengenalnya. Ia rela menjatuhkan harga...
Me After You by MyHee8812
Me After Youby MyHee
Aku tidak tahu jika bertemu denganmu akan mengubah seluruh hidupku. Special for Kyungsoo day, Kaisoo day and Jongin day KAISOO GS
σหε ωσяłd εหтεятค¡หмεหт ❃ คƒ by Tiarathirah
σหε ωσяłd εหтεятค¡หмεหт ❃ คƒby ⍟ 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀
◇A New Launch Entertainment by SUHO EXO and Korean Most Famous Composer 𝑂𝑢𝑟 𝐴𝑟𝑡𝑖𝑠𝑡 : EXO ROSEMARY STAROUS SPACE BOYS (Pre-debut) Heejin (Pre-debut) And a lot co...