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JD's Daughters  {Sequel} by BABY_DOLL_MAYHEM
JD's Daughters {Sequel}by REPPIN MAYHEM NATION
|Read Book One before reading this|
  • drama
  • wattys2017
  • dnatest
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Daddy's Little Girl (Baby Mama Search) by BlessynDaGoddyss
Daddy's Little Girl (Baby Mama Sea...by BlessynDaGoddyss
17 year old Jaydis Benz, wasn't nothing nice throughout his early high school years. & even now as a senior he's no one you'll ever want your daughter to come across. Pa...
  • players
  • originality
  • babbydaddy
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Telepathic  by jaiidqns
Telepathic by Kelly 💓
(picture credits to @milsulku) James and Jaiden recently find out they're related. They meet, and hang out for a bit. While they discover more things, their parents reve...
  • dna
  • animation
  • fanfic
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I Know it's Hurting You, But it's Killing Me by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
I Know it's Hurting You, But it's...by Randy Meeks
Imagine living with a family inwhich you are completely different. Imagine you come home one day to find a man telling you that you may have the wrong parents. Charlotte...
  • school
  • mshadow
  • depressing
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Once I called you my Sire by JazmineCheshire
Once I called you my Sireby Jazmine Cheshire Hatter
Snow-Ex con and Drifts Sparkmate "Is your Sire well?" Optimus asked. "I honestly don't know and care. He abandoned me so I don't give to frags about the g...
  • dnatest
Ancestry DNA Results by MikkiMausu
Ancestry DNA Resultsby MikkiMausu
I find out what I am
  • dnatest
  • results
  • dna
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A Baby? by larosescott
A Baby?by larosescott
A baby
  • dnatest
  • baby
  • themoryshow
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Neveah's Story  by mxo08o
Neveah's Story by Märichkä
Neveah starts off as a teen with some issues but grows up to change her life and make a positive turn. Her child's father also her last boyfriend died from a car crash...
  • singleparent
  • shortstory
  • fosterfamily
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